Twenty-Second Hand Washing with Kindness Intentions

BY Catherine Vaughn
Cultivating Kindness, One Hand-Wash at a Time

Imagine that becoming kind-minded in a crazy-making world is God’s hope for humanity. Katarina, Queen of Kindness, encourages everyone to be the blessing, be the light.

You can wash your hands and renew your spirit at the same time. How? Try Kind. While taking twenty seconds to wash your hands, say these words to celebrate and cultivate kindness. Alternate throughout the day: 1st and 2nd Handwashing.

The first is about anchoring your life in kindness. The second is about appreciating the kindness others extend to you. The words in #2 are lyrics from a song about kindness, © 2017. To sing your appreciation, learn the melody here.

1st Handwashing

I pause, breathe, choose. I choose kindness, mindful kindness.
I believe that love trumps fear and kindness counts. I cultivate
love and openness, caring and concern, strength and gentleness.
As you and I commit to kindness, we are creating a culture
of kindness and hope for the future. Namaste.

2nd Handwashing

When I see kindness in your eyes, I see love and openness.
When I hear kindness in your voice, I hear caring and concern.
When I feel kindness in your touch, I feel strength and gentleness.
I give thanks for the kindness in your heart. I give thanks for you.




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