Covid ‘Lockdown’

'Lockdown' ...

Isn’t new for humans

They’ve been here before

In fact, their life began as locked-down …

For that matter, every being has been in it

A plant is in lockdown in a seed

A little birdie in an egg

A human in the mother’s womb

A butterfly in its cocoon

A painting in its creator’s mind

All is in lockdown until manifested

A smile is the manifestation of joys

Similarly, every unexpressed idea is in lockdown until expressed …

Who takes care in these natural lockdowns?

The creator!

Who are we?

We’re just actors on his stage,

Merely enacting the role assigned to us!

Wages? Yes, all that you have has been made available as the remuneration

When God can care for you in the remotest place ever that is the womb,

God will keep you as safe in Noah’s arc when the time comes

Just be patient and happy while we have our breaths together,

Keep breathing in and out with his holy name each time.


BY Mona Sane



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