Reflections (in the Midst of Corona)

Reflections (in the Midst of Corona)
Answers Unfold

Who am I?

Who are we?

Who will save us?

What defines me? Defines us?

What is important?

When is enough, enough? When do differences

become inconsequential?

Where are the angels? Where is hope, and

where do I fit?

In the tired eyes of helpers where love burns

through tears

and heals the soul

In the tender touch

of a gloved hand

bringing kindness and understanding.

In softly spoken words

through masks and shields

where compassion and hope soothe the spirit.

How do I want to live my life? How will I be better?

How can I make a difference?

Reflections (in the midst of Corona)

Answers unfold …


BY Judy James
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