Come Home into the Heart of Being

Forgiveness is the heart 

opening and welcoming,

saying you are not apart from me

but cradled in my arms.


Forgiveness is the eyes that see 

with great compassion

the weary struggle to hold it all together,

to be a certain someone

that the world will not discard.


Forgiveness is the voice of love

that like a river 

flows into every nook and cranny 

where darkness still prevails.


Your heart can break

but it is never broken,

it can rage and despair

and twist and turn

in all the struggle to be free,

but it is never constrained.


You are free already,

and forgiveness is the hand of love 

guiding the lost and lonely parts within

to come in from the cold,

to come home into the heart of being.

BY Marian Jani



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3 years ago

This is beautiful and helpful, it a bit like a blessing … May you forgive, may you come in from the cold. Tells me very clearly how forgiveness helps me and also helps me to embrace the humaness of the ‘other’.

Ann Hellyer
3 years ago

I love the way Marian’s words remind us of the vastness of the heart.The beauty and force of Marian’s poems always strike a deep chord within me.

3 years ago

A lovely way to start the day. Marie ♡♡

Diane Randall
3 years ago

Thank you so very much for this. Amazing synchronicity of messages for me, that’s the way with poetry of the soul. The last stanza really drew me in. Blessed be, Diane

3 years ago

Profound and eloquent

Flick Hollis
3 years ago

Really beautiful. Your words inspire and comfort. Flick

3 years ago

So beautiful

Sharon Davis
3 years ago

Made me think – thank you x

Michael Jani
3 years ago


3 years ago

Beautiful and very true! Thank you for your creativity.
from the Heart,

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