Faith and Patience

The Keys to Living My Life with Ease, Grace and Joy

Two magical virtues ‘Faith & Patience’ can help us sail through the journey of life smoothly. This I can say now, not until 2010. I do not want you all to believe me blindly, I want you to experience the magic yourself. I have been listening to these words since my childhood but never understood the real meaning. It seems simple to say but it takes a lot of inner Will to make it a regular practice and way of life.

It is a choice. My life journey has been a roller coaster ride where the early phase of life was full of complaints and negativity. It was very difficult to see any good aspect of life due to painful circumstances. At the age where youngsters were just enjoying life and having fun, I was busy visiting doctors with my parents to find out what was wrong with me. Being sick all the time makes you feel like a victim. As a small kid, I was happy-go-lucky, but I lost my true self along the way. It is not at all a good feeling to you lose your authenticity. The most enthusiastic time of a student’s life is choosing a professional career. During this phase, I was not even sure I would be able to study further with my health condition.

Now, after so many years, when I look back and remember the moments, it gives me goosebumps to think how far I have come in my life. I used to think I would never be able to live a normal life, unaware of the treasure stored for me in the future. Today I can tell anyone,  “What You are going through, you are growing through.”

The life which I am living now I never imagined in my farthest dream, which gives me a purpose to pay it forward by helping others to live the same. During my toughest days, there was always some Power with me and within me, which kept me giving strength to move forward, which is beyond explanation. The Power that I am talking about, some people consider in form and some, formless. We can give any name to this power; Divine, Higher Consciousness, God, Universe, Sun, Moon, Higher Self, Master, Mother Mary, Shiva, Durga, Hanuman, Jesus, Wahe Guru, Allah and many more. But one thing is for sure, the Power is within each one of us, whichever form we believe. We are never alone. That Power is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

It is the guiding force in our life and available to us all the time. The only question is how powerful is our connection with it, so as to access it. Our intellect, our wisdom, our logical mind keep us at a distance. We feel the separation and that brings anxiety, doubt, fear, pain and suffering in our life. We feel helpless and dejected at times. I felt all of these in my life.

But from the time I ingrained faith and patience in my life, all these melted away and my life was filled with love, joy, grace, abundance, gratitude, hope, contentment and bliss. I surrendered my life with complete faith and now live in Gratitude. I learned that if I have to see the shining bright Sun, I have to have the patience to wait until the night is over. And if I have to see bright shining stars in the sky, then I have to have the patience to wait until the dark clouds disappear. I also learned that we have to be in the NOW and enjoy the present moment with faith in our hearts. The present moment is the perfect moment. WE are always in the perfect time and in the perfect place. There are no flaws in the Master Plan.

Faith is the foundation of the path and patience is the time taken to walk on the path. Faith in our own self and Faith in the Power which is always guiding us. Faith/Trust and Patience/Endurance are mines of virtues, and if we develop these two virtues we can live life with ease, grace and joy. Patience is a quality needed throughout the path to reach the goal. There will be times in our life when things will not go the way we want, we will feel disappointed, but let me tell you, “If things are not working out the way you planned, then something bigger and greater is on the way.”

The human mind is limited and Power which is guiding us is unlimited. As a seeker once these qualities are ingrained, we will never lose the stride and leave the path halfway, no matter what situation comes in life. We will definitely achieve our goal of life. It also gives us clarity along our journey, what do we really want and what is best for us. This also helps us know our authentic true self. We all are Masterpieces, unique in our own way.

These are not mere words to be spoken, they have to be put into practice and become part of one’s life. One has to be aware and consciously remind one’s self every second to develop these two virtues. Once it becomes part of our consciousness, we are aware in each moment to practice it. Perseverance is the quality needed throughout the path to reach the goal. Faith with love and reverence is a gateway to our destination which we are meant to be. Faith or trust is generated out of conviction which may not be the result of any rational belief or intellectual wisdom but a spiritual inspiration. With these two magical virtues anyone can Be, Do or Have anything in their life.

My life became full of magic and miracles with Faith and Patience, it is my prayer that everyone’s life becomes magical.

BY Jyotima Prasad



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Shweta sharma
4 years ago

Beautifully penned down
Perfectly brought out faith and patience, two words that we so often use without accepting their importance in our lives.
Most important of all gratitude is the key to eternal bliss and happiness

Elizabeth C
4 years ago

Jyotima, The article is really well written and carries such a positive outlook. I agree that we need both patience and faith to carry us forward through dark, troubling times. Being grateful for the present is also very helpful to help us through, as you mentioned too.

4 years ago

Very Cool article! Your words resonate with my true self. Thank you for your sharing.
from the Heart,

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Take 5 Deep Breaths

1. Feel your body.

2. Relax your shoulders.

3. Choose a word that makes you feel peaceful, such as om, peace, or love.

4. Inhale slowly while mentally saying the word you chose. Pause before starting the exhalation.

5. Exhale slowly while mentally saying 1 with the first breath. Exhale saying 2 with the second breath, up to 5 or more.

Feel Your Body

Relax your body, and just be aware of how your body feels. Without changing anything, notice what you are feeling, and where you are feeling things in your body.  If your body wants to adjust a little, let it. Be curious how it feels as your body relaxes. (Resist any temptation to analyze or think.)

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