Jim Carrey: What It All Means

Awakening to Your True Self

Funny man Jim Carrey, best known for his roles in The Mask, Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, The Truman Show, and many others, recently turned his back on the spotlight, taking time out to search for the meaning of life, only to return sporting a fresh beard and a new direction in life.

Unpredictable, erratic, surprising at best, and definitely not boring, Jim Carrey is unflinching in his honesty, originality and in doing the unexpected. Today he seems to be taking Hollywood by storm with what can only be termed, a spiritual awakening. He’s bringing emptiness, the beard, and wisdom you’d expect from an Indian guru, to talk shows and interviews. With some saying he’s escaped the matrix, Jim Carrey sure is serving up something unprecedented in Hollywood.

Carrey says he was a character and that he just isn’t that person anymore.

People are saying I don’t want to be me either, and I ‘go well great, cos you never have been’…The happy place is realising that you’re everything and that there’s no real you involved in the first place.

Enjoy this offbeat wisdom about the truth of existence.




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