Love/Pure Love

Self-Discovery Guidelines to Access and Activate:
Love/Pure Love

Writing down your insights is very helpful. 

Before you start, we encourage you to keep a journal of your explorations, so grab a journal, pad of paper or print the worksheet below.

1. Feel your body, take a few moments to settle in. Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Connect with it.

2. Bring your awareness to the specific Inner Resource of Love/Pure Love, as you slow down, and take a few deep breaths.

3. Allow the word Love/Pure Love to just drop into your field of being and notice what you experience with curiosity and kindness to yourself. 

Take your time, go slowly, and be patient with yourself to get the best results.

Explore the following questions with curiosity and kindness to yourself:

How does it feel to access and activate the living presence of pure love in your physical body?  

In the stillness and silence within me, I open myself to the feelings of Pure Love. 

Can I feel Pure Love in my body? 

Bringing in feelings of gratitude can be very helpful in accessing the feelings of Love. Think of three things you are genuinely grateful for and notice how this supports activating and accessing Love.

Take a few minutes right now to bring your awareness to the very essence of Love, however you feel it. As you pause, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to feel the feelings of Love in your physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body. Be curious to see if love shows up differently in these four aspects of your embodiment.

Give yourself time daily to discover the living presence of love within you, in all the ways it shows up, which are constantly changing.

Often, our greatest wounding revolves around Love. Sometimes, feeling Love can make us cry. That’s okay. Love can also make us laugh, smile, or sigh. It’s good to feel all of the feelings that come up when feeling Love. It takes a lot of courage to allow ourselves to feel our feelings. Take a few more deep, healing breaths, and bring curiosity and kindness to yourself, as you continue to reflect on and write down your experience of accessing and activating Love.

Use your journal or worksheet to write down your feelings and your current experience. 

Love is something we all know: we know when we feel Love. Even though many other feelings may come up when we feel Love, for instance grief or joy can come up, keep your awareness on the feeling of Love. All those other feelings arise because Love is at the core. Take a moment to consider that for yourself.

While feeling all that’s coming up, but without getting carried away with other feelings or focusing on the memories, allow yourself to stay open to and primarily focused on the feeling of Love in your body. This is a pathway to access and activate the frequencies of Love. 

Take another moment to deepen into the feelings of Love/Pure Love. Feel the unique energy signature and frequency of Love/Pure Love in your body. Notice the specific aspects of how Love/Pure Love feels to you in your body, in your heart, and throughout the wholeness of your being. Notice how Love/Pure Love resonates in your energy field and vibrates into the world.

Love is vast and incomprehensible and yet it is the very nature of ourselves. 

As you give yourself this powerful gift of embodying more Love/Pure Love, you will experience this gift keep on giving and giving. 

Take a few minutes right now to more deeply explore the feeling of Love within you. Allow yourself to fill with and absorb Pure Love. 

It is from our own inner Source Connection that we feel, activate, and generate Pure Love, as we absorb it into our physical bodies.

We recommend giving yourself 10-20 minutes or more every day to stop and be still, to fill with and absorb Pure Love. Make a commitment to do this every day. This way you will consistently access and activate more Love within you, which will then resonate and vibrate the frequencies of Love all around you. You will be able to feel this change in your life.

You are a being of Love. Notice how you have now filled with and embodied more Love/Pure Love.

We invite you to continue this journey of self-discovery. It is not a once-and-done experience. Please revisit this exploration into Love/Pure Love and discover how it continues to deepen and enhance the quality of your life.

Explore Deepening in Love and Love in Action.

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Take 5 Deep Breaths

1. Feel your body.

2. Relax your shoulders.

3. Choose a word that makes you feel peaceful, such as om, peace, or love.

4. Inhale slowly while mentally saying the word you chose. Pause before starting the exhalation.

5. Exhale slowly while mentally saying 1 with the first breath. Exhale saying 2 with the second breath, up to 5 or more.

Feel Your Body

Relax your body, and just be aware of how your body feels. Without changing anything, notice what you are feeling, and where you are feeling things in your body.  If your body wants to adjust a little, let it. Be curious how it feels as your body relaxes. (Resist any temptation to analyze or think.)

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