Love in Action

What is Love In Action?

Any action done with love is an act of love. 

The expression of love arises from feeling love within ourselves.

We are beings of love.

How Do We Express Love?

We have so very many ways to express love, we could never name them all. And we constantly dream up new ways to express love because love is our fundamental nature. 

Sometimes we express love with a smile or a special look. Sometimes with a gentle touch or a warm hug, sometimes a word, a gesture, or a bouquet of flowers. 

Expressing love can be through giving a gift, teaching, sharing something special, or creating an enjoyable experience. It can be through reaching out to help, such as feeding people, your pets, or wild animals. 

It can be through listening to someone’s vulnerability, holding someone while they cry, or sending a love-filled message. It can be through asking someone to watch a beautiful sunset with you. Expressing love can arise spontaneously from laughing together or getting an unexpected note of appreciation. 

There are so many ways that we express love. 

How do you feel just reading this?

Take a moment and truly feel into this question.  

How do we love ourselves? 

For most of us, this is a challenging question. And yet, almost anything we do can be seen as an act of love depending on how we look at it.

Can you see making the bed as an act of love?

Making yourself a cup of tea or coffee?

Brushing your teeth or bathing?

Taking a walk or exercising?

Calling a friend?

Blowing your nose?

Cleaning the house…

Love is intangible and has no form, but we know what love is.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. And each of us feel and express love in many, many ways.

Any action done with love is an act of love. 

The expression of love arises from feeling love within yourself.

We naturally and effortlessly generate love
by simply feeling love.

We naturally and effortlessly generate love by simply feeling love.

We generate love when we are loving.

We generate love when we can feel the flow of love moving within us, from us, and through us, overflowing towards another, be the receiver human, animal, or any part of nature. This is called loving another.

It’s all about the feelings we generate. Feelings have their own frequency signature. The feelings we generate emit signals that we all pick up on. By feeling, embodying, and generating more love, we Uplift ourselves, each other, and the planet as we permeate our world with ripples of positive, high-frequency vibrations of love.

Simply feeling love.

We fill with love, we absorb love, we generate love.

How does it feel to know you are loved?

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How does it feel be loved?
How does it feel to receive and be open to being loved?
How does it feel to love yourself?
How does it feel to say, “I am loved, I am loveable, and I am loving.”

The more awareness we bring to the feelings of love within us, the more we embody love.

This is not about love being a concept.

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This is not about being nice to everyone or making excuses for any behavior that does harm. When we activate the power of pure love, it will guide us and teach us how we each can authentically experience, give, and receive more love. And then, let this love guide your actions more and more. This pure love will tell you when to say 'yes' and when to say 'no'.

Go deeper with how love feels

We are beings of Love.

Love is our fundamental nature. 


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