Who is My President?

BY Jamal Maatouk MD
You Are My President!

If you vote for humanity 

If you choose to serve the human race.

You are my president!

If your country is the world

If your borders are the universe.

You are my president!

If you speak the language of love 

If you rule with kindness.

You are my president!

If you believe you are a leader

If you understand how to lead from the heart.

You are my president!

If your voice is a compassion symphony 

And your silence is your speech.

You are my president!

If you are knowledgeable 

If you know yourself!

You are my president if you embrace the change in the world and create a world of peace and cooperation.


You are my president!

BY Jamal Maatouk MD



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2 years ago

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Jill Kupfer
3 years ago

Couldn’t agree more!! This is what our nation and world needs to live in peace and harmony while caretaking this beautiful Earth we call home for today!

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