Cherish the Ones Who Are Near

Poem One

Golden threads tied up with elegance and fashion
Slid on my shoulder.
A reminder of celebration, emanating glow
As it wraps around me.
I smell the holy ash exuding from the peacock prints
Which reminded you in an awestruck moment
Vivid, comforting
In the centre of my chest.
Is there a symbol that we can assign to joy?
To surrender?
I found my golden Saree.*
Life is rich with memories.

*Saree – A garment traditionally worn by women from South Asia

Poem Two

I sat near my bevelled glass window
with a cup of green tea.
I preferred this chosen solitude, untethering from
Obsessive thoughts about someone far away.
Forgive me for ignoring your presence thus far.
You have always been there
As a silent witness of my unfocused way of living.
I couldn’t hear your pecking on my window
In the odd hours any more.
Someone said
They saw a dead bird near the
Neighbourhood pool, days ago.
I pray it isn’t you.
I regret that I have never told you
How much I love your penetrating round eyes.
I am sipping and swallowing the pain while
Bringing back my never owned mind.
You made me feel fluid, to know how
Unconditional love flows freely.
Thank you, for this sacred teaching.
Thank you …
I shall share this poem to the world
Reminding to cherish the ones who are near
And most likely to be ignored.

Poem Three

This holiday I am going back home
To be locked in
I might read books
That have piled up on my shelf
Write poetry
Do some pottery
Paint my bedroom wall
Sit and talk to a bee
Or maybe a dragonfly
Make new recipes
Challenging my taste buds
Listen to songs
And throw some dance moves
Life isn’t meaningless after all
I already have the first of my daffodils out
To remind us that spring is on its way.


Pavany Arulliah, born in Sri Lanka, lives in Melbourne Victoria is a Physician in General Medicine. Her work has been published in many Tamil magazines from Sri Lanka, Canada, Norway and India. She is a passionate reader and a writer. Her Tamil poetry collection was published in 2008. She has self-published a non-fiction, named ‘Cocoon Dreams’ in 2018.



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