The True Purpose of Life

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

You come at the sunrise

And will go at the sunset

In the between, there will be shiny midday

There will be stormy weather

There will be rain and rainbow also

And in the between, a mist of blur

When the water turns into vapour

And goes to the sky

And we see different clouds

White, black and what not shape and colour

But every cloud has a silver lining.


Fame, achievement, success

disappointment, sorrows and failure

And if you don’t get swayed by all of them

And if you remain equanimous in every situation

And if your heart is pure from negativity

You are rich, very rich

And your treasure will be measured by

How much you have contributed to the well-being of humanity.

BY Vikram Pratap



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kamir bouchareb st
2 years ago

شكرا جزيلا

3 years ago

loveee this piece.
Particularly the eloquent expression invoking depth & senses sublime.

Paul C Pritchard
3 years ago

and soon let there be golden linings for all … Much love Team UPLIFT

Sylvie Rokab
3 years ago

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

3 years ago

This is so beautiful. It really is. Isn’t so marvelous to see this life, this gratitude shining in the words from people like you?..i thank you deeply for your beutiful insight to point out that “every cloud has a silver lining”.

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