The Sweetness of Serendipity

How I Found My 'High-Vibe' Flow

We’ve all had those chance occurrences, where almost miraculous seeming coincidences string together a mystifying sequence of events that has some kind of lasting impact on our lives. Perhaps you experienced this meeting the love of your life, or landing your perfect job, or an opportunity that led to your ultimate dream becoming a reality. These magical seeming moments leave us with a deep sense of being ‘on track’, ‘on our path’ or ‘on purpose’. When we slip graciously into that groove of trusting the greater plan, the gifts that arrive as a result become deeply life-assuring and validating. I, for one, when I’m in that state, want to shout from the rooftops! I feel invigorated and alive with love for this life I’ve been blessed with. I feel at home.

But of course, as with everything in life, it passes and sometimes when it does, I slip into doubt and fear and begin again on the loop of questioning why I was put on this Earth. This beautiful phenomenon called serendipity appears too aloof to be something that one can cultivate. Or is it? 

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, you need to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla

My Serendipitous Fortune

Many years ago, when I was in the early stages of exploring a career in television, a deeper yearning in me resulted in me flying to India to do a yoga teacher training. Off I went, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to do some soul-searching.

Upon completing the training, I realised I’d felt deeply disconnected in my career and that there was something missing from my life in Sydney. I knew I needed to move towards something more soul-nourishing for me; in career, in location, and in my social life. I had briefly passed through Byron Bay, the renowned spiritual heartland of Australia, some years prior, without even stopping, but for some inexplicable reason, something was telling me this town was where I needed to be. 

When I arrived back home in Sydney, even though I knew it was no longer where I wanted to be and working in TV was no longer what I wanted to do, I could not justify leaving a ‘sensible’ job and uprooting my life to live somewhere for no apparent reason. So the idea sat on the back-burner for some time. 

One day, my sister recommended I see a kinesiologist she knew, so I went for a session and was blown away by this amazing modality and the results I experienced. I felt inspired and excited and wanted to know more about it and I immediately asked where the practitioner had done her training. “Byron Bay.” She responded, oblivious to the significance of her answer. My heart smiled with the serendipitous comfort that comes when you realise the universe / source / spirit / Allah / God (take your pick) is guiding you. So I signed up to take the course, quit my job and made the move to Byron Bay.

Days before the transit, I still had nowhere to live but somehow I felt totally at ease and had complete trust that it would work out. Before I knew it, my new kinesiologist friend (we’d kept in touch) called me to ask if I needed somewhere to live, as one of her housemates had just given notice. Once again, that awesome feeling of being supported by forces unknown warmed me all over.

Feeling amazing in my new home and on this purpose-driven path that had unfolded, I’d been getting around by bicycle as I didn’t have a car when the bicycle chain started coming off frequently and became extremely difficult to get back on. I made it to class one particular day and shared that I was grateful to have ridden the whole way without the chain delaying me. In the tea break, one of the other students said she had a car she was selling and would be happy to do a payment plan (I had no savings at that point!) if I was interested in buying it. Another small yet immensely satisfying moment of serendipity had unveiled itself and once again, I was blown away with awe and gratitude. 

Of course, these happenstances don’t occur all the time, and as life carried on, I often slipped out of my magical flow and came up against stress and challenges. In these times, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated and reflect on what was different about all the times that things just worked. Why had it been so easy and what had changed?! Before long, I realised it wasn’t just luck or some kind of magic, but in fact, it was me. I realised I carried myself differently when I was in a state of trust, acceptance and gratitude.

As I later learned, worry, fear, frustration (and other negative emotions) are low-frequency feelings, and whilst they are valid and worthy of inquiry, it is important to remain aware of how they affect me and do my best to transmute them so I can again return to a higher vibrational state. Otherwise, as I still discover time and time again, these lower frequencies very quickly overcome my energy and consequently my experience of life. As we know from the work of our dear friend, cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, your frequency creates your reality.

Remember that thoughts are things, and as their currents run, they can become crimes or miracles. – Dr. Bruce Lipton

So how can we foster more of that splendid serendipitous ‘magic’?

Creating More Magic

As sound therapist, Joanna McEwan reminds us,

“You are a vibrational being whose cells and organs all pulsate at a particular frequency. Our brain pulsates with electromagnetic energy affected by our emotions, our health and our general state of wellbeing. Our body contracts and pulses at various rates … and so we each vibrate to our own personal tune. Disease, depression, negative behaviour patterns; these are all symptoms of a body and mind being out of tune, quite literally.” 

Having worked for many years with children and families through her wellbeing workshops, she uses sound healing, music, drama, mindfulness and breath and body awareness to help people to achieve greater wellbeing, ultimately by raising their vibrations. She notes that as sound is pure frequency, it can be an incredibly powerful and efficient medium for shifting our vibration. Baroque music, for instance, has one of the most healing harmonic arrangements there is.

Think of your favourite song and how it makes you feel. Does it excite you? Does it make you feel full of love? Or does it make you feel angry and upset? Whatever the music may be, more than likely, it leaves you with a positive feeling because that is our natural state, our equilibrium, and it’s what we naturally gravitate towards. We can experience this physical response to frequencies and vibrations when we are in nature too. Healthy, vibrant natural environments like a forest or the ocean feel incredibly calming and rejuvenating, whereas cities can make us feel dull and lifeless.

Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and clean, filtered water have a much higher vibration than processed foods and treated water or sugar-filled drinks. So naturally, fuelling our bodies with high-vibe foods is going to affect our own vibration. Exercising helps prevent our energy from becoming stagnant and stuck, which can manifest in disease. Practicing yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, gratitude; all of these things help us to better harness our minds and emotions, which again plays a huge part in raising your vibration and embodying a more harmonious, fluid way of existing in the world.

Since everything has a frequency, everything has the potential to affect us, so with this knowledge we can begin to make wiser choices as to how we operate in the world, so we can then thrive and better connect with our own innate flow.

And it takes practice. It takes vigilance. It takes a strong commitment. It can sometimes demand sacrifice. But when the consistency of habit is producing uplifting results and serendipitous moments are enhancing your life … you’ll know it is all worth it. Practising self-awareness, presence of mind and listening to the world as it speaks or even sings to you, is the magical key. 


Have you ever experienced any serendipitous occurrences? We would love to hear how they have played a part in your life. Did you notice any difference in yourself when they happened? Do you have ways to keep your vibration high and create more serendipity that you can share? We love hearing from you all.

May you always be blessed with high-vibing magic,

Briony and Team UPLIFT

BY Briony Dalton



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