Ever Changing, Ever New

Often in my life, and maybe you share this with me too, I think I am stuck in the same place, going through the same things, the same day over and over again … going nowhere and nothing changes. 

The Sun always rises in the East and sets in the West. Same ol’ same ol’ stuff.

But is it? 

In reality, we are turning toward the Sun in the morning and away from her in the evening. The Sun is quite literally never in the same place twice on the horizon! 

Sometimes, when my horizon is big enough, vast enough, as I watch the Sun “go down”, if I relax into the moment, open my self into the moment … I can literally feel the rotation of the Earth as she turns away from the Sun and toward the rest of the Universe revealed when I am no longer blinded by our very own Star. 

And because of our Earth’s spin and tilt on her axis, and because of our spinning and turning around our Star, and because of our location in our Solar System, and because of our Solar System’s constant rotation within the arms of our Milky Way Galaxy, and because of the constant movement of our Milky Way Galaxy across the Universe …

We quite literally awake to a brand new day, in a brand new place we have never, ever been before, and will never, ever be again! 

The only constant literally is change! And we are quite literally never in the same place twice! 

If we are able to take a moment to broaden our perception, we can see and feel how we are always new, how everything is always new. I believe this broader awareness opens up a real opportunity to change as human beings, as individuals, and as a community, globally, when we are able to step into this larger beingness. 



With much gratitude, 


BY Dawn



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Richard Henry Whitehurst
3 years ago

Hi Dawn ~ these are the kinds of perceptions that also animate me. You’ve expressed this very beautifully!
Maybe follow the links on my recent Uplift article to our 2 websites – Overview Institute of Australia & Planetary Human. Also ~ ‘Overview Earth’ on Facebook.


Be well and create joy & fun ! – Richard

J Lally
3 years ago

Wow! What a lovely way to look at each new day! If we could have these feelings fill us each morning as we open our eyes – how exciting it would be! Thanks & blessings.

Bridgette Hanna
3 years ago

Love this thought, reminder, thank you =)

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