Food for Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul

There are those who dislike or even abhor
Those buckets from the sky
They move to places where precipitation is minimal
To ensure Lottsa light.

I, on the other hand, love wetness!
Buckets from Grace bestowed upon our heads
Purifying my mind and yours, whilst cleansing the earth.

When I was a kid I was convinced that the fall of liquid
Was a release from God of all the cumulative tears of Humanity
Added in, were personal cries of its own
For the aches of all his children.

Snuggled in my small bed, naked
Electric blanket beneath my buttocks
A furball’s purr close by
I breathe into the cocoon of this morning.

The pits and pats atop my roof and windows
An interesting sense of safety ovens and covets me
My heart abiding, in a solitude of stillness.

Nowhere to be, not a single commitment to fulfill
A responsibility to self and an ever so gently prompting from the world
A message, to relish in the yum of my freedom
And at least for today, Be, as presence is!

The breath, a freely given present in every moment
Yet today, in the shade drawn darkness, I snuggle; intimately with me
Setting my intention, to do nothing and allow the manna to drizzle all over me
Mind, body, heart, and soul.

In my vulnerability, which I honor as holy
I will proceed about the hours.

Maybe I’ll stand outside barefoot
And permit my feet to absorb the newness and innocence of where I step
Perhaps I will make popcorn, watch a flick, or meditate.

Whatever happens, I’ll aim to Be, as Here and as Now as I can
Keeping tally and track in my journal
Of all things large and small; for which my gratitude
Shall be aptly recorded.

May it be so, that for each one
Shelter is found, nourishment provided
Peace graced, loneliness and depression lifted.

For it is truth that as I speak and scribe
My tender, heated heart’s intent comes to fruition for each one.

May it be so that the powers within and those apparently outside
Unite somewhere in me and each one today and all tomorrows.

I bow down to this rainy day which has just barely begun
May the goodies, of Peace, Joy, Compassion, and Forgiveness
Be the trademark of all the future hours.

And, may magic and miracles big and little
Permeate the one heart beating, within the guise of many.

BY Binah



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