My Car Prayer

BY Raymond Patrick Phelan
How Divine Guidance Led Me Back to My Stolen Car

It was a beautiful Summer’s evening as I waved goodbye to a wonderful friend after visiting her for a meal. A short distance on, I turned the corner into the quiet street where I’d parked my car a few hours earlier. On arrival at the parking spot, my car was gone. 

At first, I was stunned and could scarcely believe my eyes.

Awkwardly, I returned to my friend and explained. We chatted about the ordeal, then, after a few minutes left again to walk home, reflecting along the way on what to do next.

The next day, after reporting it, I checked around different places here and there locally, while also checking other cars as they passed by. 

With no success that day, I cleared my mind of the entire issue and just got on with life.

At this time, I was attending spiritual philosophy-meditation classes and was familiar with specific prayer formulation. 

Later that evening, I composed the following word-picture and repeated it over and over with emotional intensity before bedtime…

‘Divine Intelligence knows precisely where my car is located and is now guiding me to that exact place. Praise and thanks in advance’.   

Early the next morning, an insight flashed into my mind: buy a bus rambler ticket. At first, this request seemed strange as I seldom use public transport. Nevertheless, having put the prayer into divine hands, walked as instructed to a city centre store and purchased a one-day bus rambler ticket, thus allowing multiple bus journeys at a greatly reduced price.

In Which Direction Should I Proceed?

On exiting the store, I began speaking quite deliberately to ‘the insight’… 

“I have the ticket, so in which direction should I proceed, on which bus route?”, I asked with determination.

Surveying the city landscape in my mind, I was drawn to the general coastal area where my friend, whom I shared the meal with, lived. I walked down the city’s main street and turned left where I observed about eight different bus routes, which served that general area, with passengers still boarding them. “Which one, which one”, I inquired urgently.

I found myself hurrying toward the nearest bus. But, just as I was preparing to board, the doors slammed shut leaving me left standing on the pavement somewhat disappointed. But, having once driven these very same company buses, I accepted their regulations in this regard.  

Composing myself, I further inquired:

“Where now”?

Glancing further down the same street I saw another bus still at the boarding stage. I ran quickly down to it and boarded without checking its destination.  

Seating myself on the top deck at the front window, the intuition was that while travelling to the route’s furthest point, I would glance left and right into every street/road/laneway as we moved along. 

Soon we were winding our way along suburban tree-lined streets. Passing each street, I glanced left and right continuously checking to see if my car was parked in any of the side streets or on the road we were travelling. 

About forty minutes later we arrived at our terminus, in the picturesque fishing village of Howth. After waiting a few minutes, the bus started its return journey, and I recommenced the same left-right observations.

Some tourists on-board appeared bemused by my action of staring so many times into their faces, as it seemed.

Witnessing the Divine in Action

As we neared the point from where we started, and with me tiring rapidly by the constant left-right head-turning, suddenly, WOW. Out of the blue, to my utter astonishment, as I glanced to the right, Bingo, there was my car parked in the narrow quiet street I was looking into. 

In this transcendent moment, of witnessing the divine in action, my body tingled with excitement! 

I raced down the stairs and explained excitedly to the Driver if he could let me off the bus at this point.

When disembarked, I made my way across the busy street into the side street to my car. I scanned its main features and everything seemed just as it was before. Expectantly, I had the keys in my pocket. I opened the door, got in, and drove away, smiling and thanking God profoundly for the answered intentional prayer just witnessed and experienced at first hand! 

BY Raymond Patrick Phelan



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kamir bouchareb st
2 years ago

thank you very match

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