Meditation for Peace and Global Wellbeing

Coming back to Peace in Your Heart

Peace communicates easily through intuition and the senses and can settle into the body and spirit quite naturally through meditation. This is what we invite you to do now … take a moment to meditate and infuse the field with Love and Peace. Let go of any ideas of needing to fix anything … let the genius of Love and Peace do all the work.

Together we are charging the Field with Love as we allow high feeling vibrations to resonate within us and flow through us for the benefit of All Beings. These collective vibrations extend ever-outward, until the energy surrounds the entire world, reaching far beyond the limits of even our wildest imagination with powerful healing.

Just relax and share your loving support as we come together as one global family; reaffirming your innate wellbeing, and the beauty of inner peace that is always there for you to drop into with every breath.

A Meditation for Global Wellbeing

If you are alone; read the meditation and guide yourself through it, checking in with the words if you need to. If you are two or more; take turns guiding one another through the meditation letting the words soothe you.

Gently focus on your breathing and allow your energy to shift down inside to your core. Let each breath draw you down deeper into stillness. Feel the support of the Earth and observe as your thoughts begin to slip by and quiet down.

Put your attention on your heart-center, placing a hand on your chest, feeling the rhythmic, steady beating of your own heart.

Scan your body slowly and notice any tension, notice how your awareness brings effortless release to every muscle and every inch of your body.

Allow yourself to feel the warmth of your heart-center bubbling up within you. Take your time. Take as long as you need.

Feel the brilliant energy of health, joy, and strength completely surrounding you, coming from within you.

Take a moment to pause. Feel, listen, tune-in. Your awareness is shifting inwards to that which is always present and whole.

Imagine a tiny sun in the middle of your heart that with each natural breath begins to expand in an ever-widening circle. Feel its energy as it encompasses you.

Feel with every breath how that sun grows ever-wider, reaching out to those within your immediate environment, blessing them, then expanding; its healing radiance perpetually pulsating.

Imagine that incandescent globe of light extending until it encompasses the whole of Planet Earth, blessing each inhabitant with health and profound peace.

Pause, if you like, and rest in this wonderful feeling of warmth and peace, of ease and Oneness — beginning within you and reaching out to the farthest corners of the Earth and beyond, for as long as you like, perhaps carrying it within you throughout this hour, day or even weeks or months.

When you’re ready, come back to your body awareness, carrying with you the limitless light of wellbeing that is your natural birthright.


Love and Peaceful Blessings Upon You Always




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Veggi Singh
2 years ago

Thank you for sharing this info.
But I had a question is a Meditation also work on mental health?

kamir bouchareb st
3 years ago

very good

4 years ago

It’s a peace advice. You describe in a very sequence way. Thanks for sharing.

4 years ago

I like such topics.Thank you

4 years ago

Can I suggest that this meditation be done as an audio, even with just photos. Then it can be accessed on a continuous basis by all that need it. Thanks

Yvette Sosa
4 years ago

Wow, I opened this with the perfect much needed timing. Thank you for the reminder.

Mary Ann
4 years ago

Stepping out of imbalance to being grounded again.

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