Life to Be Lived

We are Never Alone

There is life to be lived
even in the midst of a pandemic.
Perhaps even more so
when the horror and chaos
slit through the epidermis layer.

Red and raw
from pain and loss,
the ache of distance
the numbers rising
steel metal breathing

For who I was
at work
at play
is no longer a mirror to tell me
I’m ok, you’re ok.
And friends on the doorstep
or family far away,
are but a brief reminder
when zoom
brings me back into focus.

The cupboards are full,
rolls and tins
and crispy packets bulging,
but the purse is empty.
Where do meals come from
when the land of plenty
is savaged by a plague.

What to do
when the house falls down
and shelter and safety
from the carnivorous enemy
is nothing more than planks
resting side by side,
in peace we sincerely hope.

dare we use the word
is all around,
in the morgues
and hospital beds,
in the homes that care
and on the sofas,
letting go alone.

We move in slow motion,
staggering to our feet in the rubble
the desolation
the emptiness
the hunger for what was,
but it is still spring.
The birds are singing
the birds are singing so loudly,
with such serenity
in their chirpings
as if to say
Do not fret
Do not fret.

Red and raw
this may be
but kindness still prevails.
Is this our collective moment
to soar in our mind’s eye
beyond the outer rim,
through the gravitational pulls
the old habits
the emotional prisons.

And there
blue and beautiful,
gently turning
sometimes shuddering
in sadness
but serene and patient,

We are never alone.
All is well
All is well
even when it’s not.

BY Marian Jani



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Ann Hellyer
4 years ago

I have read many of Marian’s fine poems, and her latest one also has an effect and an impact on me. Underneath the words of the poem, there seems to be an echo of what a true living is, as we learn to embrace the chaos of the unknown. For all the turmoil, horror, suffering, loss and grief, humankind is experiencing at the moment, Marian leads to me what is even deeper than that, and to what holds it all.

I love the words “Is this our collective moment to soar in our mind’s eye, beyond the outer rim, through the gravitational pulls, those old habits and emotional prisons”. What an opportunity we have! The chance to liberate ourselves from all the old patterns and habits that no longer serve us and that keep us suffering and small.

You are such a blessing to our world Marian! We need your level of consciousness to create the world that we know in our hearts is possible.

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