In a World

Inspired by reading Anita Moorjani’s book Sensitive is the New Strong‘.

In A World

In a world where you get criticised for being sensitive,

Dominated by others in a world created by myths,

Where pleasing others to be liked becomes an achievement to be fulfilled,

But strips away the essence of the soul which needs time to rebuild.

Where molded by judgments and not wanting to disappoint, energies become depleted,

Needing time alone to rebalance, for the mind to be retreated,

But slowly the world is changing, bringing more light, knowledge, and understanding.

And gifts that are hidden deep can be unlocked and explored for a race expanding,

Where ignorance and prejudice slowly disappear and diversity ascends,

And empowerment and authenticity become an awesome blend,

Sharing the abundance of the land, with nature and with each other,

Learning peace, compassion, gratitude, and how not to suffer,

In a world where being sensitive is a gift to behold,

Embracing our traits, I hold this vision as our new age unfolds.

BY Jill Death



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