How is Your Heart Feeling?

How is Your Heart Feeling?
Allow Yourself to Feel Again

In a world starving for human connection,

I look around and see our state of tension,

Contracted in the illusion of perfection,

Making the brain work overtime, nervous systems in a state of protection

Leaking energy like a broken balloon,

Leaving all of our dreams for “some time soon”

I look around and feel into the energy

Why are we negating serenity?

How can we walk our talk these days,

When we are stuck in our programs plays.

Each of us in some conditioned role,

Measuring ourselves up to some poll,

One day all of this will take its toll.

When did you last ask your heart how it’s feeling?

When did you ask your brain how it’s dealing?

Have you forgotten how hard you push your soul,

When you strive every day for control,

It’s not you that wants to own,

It’s not your soul that needs to be shown,

It’s the programmed identity that is high off its own illusion,

Secreting a poison in its own delusion,

I am here to tell you there is a solution,

I am here to tell you that you are the revolution.

Release what makes your soul feel heavy,

Release the illusions and the stories that are heady,

Focus on your breath,

Allow yourself to feel again, become one with the messages that are here for you to reclaim,

Why are you suffering, what is the cause?

Because you put your heart on pause.

BY Megan Graham
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3 years ago

Thank you for sharing this pause for reflection.

Brianna Florian
3 years ago


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