Hearing the Word of God and the Relevance of Aum

BY Raymond Patrick Phelan
We Are Equipped for Spiritual Awakening

Enter ye through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate that leads to hell. – Matthew 7: 13-14

Many are familiar I’m sure with the above scripture. But, practically speaking, to where exactly is this instructional verse guiding and for what spiritual benefit?

Let us now put some spiritual meat onto this skeletal sentence and see what esoteric nourishment can be gleaned from it, as opposed to literal interpretation. Let us discover how this one particular scripture, when applied wholeheartedly, can change our life to knowing profound happiness, love, bliss and inner peace.

Triggering Latent Means

The truth is, we’re each inner equipped for spiritual awakening. But until we connect consciously with this inner faculty, then scriptures as these remain at their intellectual value only. In other words, literal reading is not sufficient. It does not trigger the latent means of soul awakening: that of directly knowing our true divine nature.

Be Still and Know that I am God – Psalm 46-10

In achieving this awakening unto God, no outer means are required, for no one can give us God, because, at our core, we’re each already God-nature – we’re born with this.

Spiritually-wise, It’s time for evolving beyond non soul serving religious dogmas and their antiquated fear-driven belief systems into authentic reality and spiritual maturity. Time for experiencing God-Presence directly thereby expressing our innate potential of miracle consciousness to benefit both ourselves, others and the entire creation simultaneously.

In moving beyond non-seneschal religious literalism – moving into esoteric scripture as opposed to exoteric – it’s important to cognize, that, biblical ‘church’ is not referring to a physical building, rather to one’s consciousness. Similarly, the biblical term ‘Jew’ is not referring to the Jewish nation or its people, present time or historical. the term ‘Jew’ biblically refers to being ‘inwardly’ – one seeking God within. Thus the words atop of the Crucifixion cross reads: ‘hail king of the Jews’ meaning, praise (awakening) be to the inwardly directed soul seeking their own Christ (or whatever title our culture, tradition has for this divine standard) within. The crown of thorns symbolizes victory in this ‘inward’ process.

We’re each wired to be ‘inwardly’: each encoded as a truth-seeker, a spiritual journey-soul finding our way back to Source AS conscious awareness. Thus the Matthew scripture above is referring to inner spiritual awakening by means of crucifying the lower-ego through the faculty means or mechanisms already in place within each of us unconditionally.


What exactly does narrow and wide gate mean, to where specifically are they referring?


Narrow gate is referring to becoming ‘least’ or smallest in lower ego. Wide gate is referring to the outer world: the carnal mind’s addictive nature with the five ordinary senses of perception and their primitive animalistic standard. Becoming ‘least’ thus means crucifying the lower-ego, our own carnal mind. This is the esoteric symbolism behind the Crucifixion image. The white garment wrapped Jesus’ waist signifies purity.

Three more questions

What practicalities are involved in entering the narrow gate: how does one ‘enter’ through it? Do we enter with our belief systems, our creeds, social status or with our religious faith flag and high moral conscience?


No, none of the above.

Narrow gate – convergence of human intellect to ‘least’ – is brought about in the brain through vibrational meditation – to be explained here – while the wide gate functions under law of spiritual ignorance, meaning lower-self or carnal mind standard, here referred to as hell.

Becoming Inwardly

At their functional level, both gates present as polar opposite states of mind – negative and positive. The reason being, that we must learn from our wide gate world experiences and, through such learning, suffering or lessons, choose one gate standard over the other. Thus, having chosen heaven – chosen to be inwardly or, narrow gate – we take practical steps in that direction, like a daily spiritual practice such as Yoga or meditation, for example.

Like awakening from a bad dream, making this choice of becoming inwardly initially takes courage. The process is not really difficult but does require commitment to inner-awaken. In other words, we make the choice and follow through irrespective of our wide gate experiences. In this context, we remember the scriptural words: “and it came to pass…” meaning every personal situation, struggle or challenge, changes or, comes to pass. So this is our divine encouragement throughout the process of becoming ‘inwardly’, becoming divinely orientated.

Narrowing the Focus

By spinning and living through a false persona cocoon, this conditioning shell has resulted in loss of spiritual identity, of our not relating spiritually, divinely. Thus, like the butterfly, that we may witness the miracle of inner transformation, we must now shed this cocoon to find our spiritual wings.
Shedding this cocoon initially is about NARROWING the wide gate persona: narrowing the scattered irresolute intellect: narrowing the activities of the incessant surface thinking mind and its addiction to carnal sense consciousness only.

Similar to the tortoise withdrawing its limbs into its shell, narrowing the mental focus is how the senses become withdrawn or detached from their object of attraction – the world – both mental and emotional. Withdrawing ‘inwardly’ is the process through which the five senses undergo spiritual reorientation: a transformation which neutralizes addictive thought patterns resulting in heightened spiritual awareness and pure present moment experiencing – it’s also the process of left-right brain harmonization.

Miracle of Convergence

Part of the crucifixion’s esoteric message is revealed in the image where Jesus’ eyes – on the cross – are converged upwards. Narrowing or converging the mental focus replicates personal crucifixion of the lower-self: demolishing the false persona temple, the carnal mind structure, when a New temple-consciousness shall be raised.

Daily ‘convergence’ facilitates brain-nervous system adaptation, of handling two states of awareness simultaneously: time and space with eternal consciousness. Prior to this ability, the brain-nervous system functioned in mono or single state of awareness only – referred to as spiritual ignorance. Through establishing transcendental consciousness permanently, thus miracle consciousness becomes our ever-present level of divine awareness; where Resolute intellect – capacity of heightened spiritual discernment – frees the soul from the bondage of rectory decision making, from the unrelenting wide gate, lower carnal intellect.

Remembering that we each come into this world uploaded in mono awareness only. Thus, post-integration of lower-intellect – when all decision making is formulated through divine wisdom as opposed to the irresolute intellect – the brain-nervous system re-calibrate from single state cognition into facilitating time and no-time – relative and absolute – simultaneously, making Heaven on earth our Now reality.

Because there is such intense bliss on contact with converged point awareness, the nervous system needs time to acclimatize, become cultured into withstanding waves of pure bliss. It takes repeated ‘dating’ (meditation) for this mind/body physiology relationship to eventually ‘marry’, adapt to pure energy experiencing without the filtering influence of the conditioned lower-ego. At this level of awareness, one experiences Divine Presence as separate from the outer world – being in the world but not of the world.

In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God – John 1:1

In translation: Word, Vibration or Consciousness always existed and always will.

Hearing the Word of God and the Relevance of the Mantra Aum

Similar to the universe, at our core, we’re each vibrational sound. Contact with Vibrating Aum awakens the unconscious aspect of our deeper mind leading to expanded awareness, to latent states of cosmic consciousness. This sonic-like Vibration, when picked up by our deepening inner hearing acting like sonar, stimulates the soul to reverberate directly AS God-Vibration – Pure Consciousness revealing Itself unto Itself – unto our Transcendent Self.

Deepening the inner hearing recalibrates the brain down from the market-place Beta brain speed of fourteen to twenty-one cycles per second to oscillate at between one to three cps – the Delta or divine rejuvenation state.

At this stage of our spiritual evolution, life is no longer experienced through the rear-view mirror of fear, stress and uncertainty. We’re now free to LIVE life and not exist prisoner-like THROUGH one or many controlling dogmas or societal mindsets. Vibrational Aum, via convergence, has freed the soul from the bondage of time and space, from the thought-created illusion unto eternal freedom in God-Consciousness.

BY Raymond Patrick Phelan



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