Gratitude Games

Modern research has found that a short and simple gratitude practice has far-reaching effects on both our emotional and physical health.  Gratitude Games is a simple daily practice you can do with family or friends that can make a big impact!

Gratitude Games

1/ Start first thing in the morning with your family or friends, by each setting a timer for every hour (or any amount of time you choose), and when the timer goes off, write down what you are grateful for in that very moment.

2/ In the evening (at an agreed-upon time) share all the things you wrote down during the day, and notice how you feel when you share, and feel your heart filled with gratitude.

3/ Then take 10-15 minutes to sit silently together and send love and gratitude into the world.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Learning more about Gratitude

Watch as wellness expert & meditation speaker Khurshed Batliwala explains more about the transformative power of gratitude.  You can also check out our helpful guide to cultivating Gratitude.

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