Gratitude: A Poem by Jill Death

A Prayer of Thanks

Giving thanks to all the things we are grateful for 

The more we appreciate, the more we will uncover and explore 

The air that we breathe that keeps us alive 

Food and water, shelter, walking in the countryside 

A joy will overcome us and fill our bodies with love 

Feeling humbled, flooded with light from the universe above 

You begin to see the beauty in yourself and the world becomes a magical place 

Attracting this abundance of energy is a blessing we can start to embrace 

Having faith God will show us everything we need 

Every day heartfelt gratitude resonates in our lives that proceed.

BY Jill Death



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2 years ago

Love this❤️

kamir bouchareb st
3 years ago

thanks for this

kamir bouchareb st
3 years ago

very good

Diane Randall
3 years ago

Beautiful and insightful, thank you so much! Thank you for “walking in the forest” for me. I do have a comment about “care homes” and the like. They’re not just places for people to dump off ailing/elderly family members. I live in independent housing for the disabled and hope I can stay living here! For six years, I lived with my family. Not all is idyllic, not all can be idyllic where the elders help with the children, etc. They have as many health and emotional issues as I do! Also, I know that nursing care would be a great burden to my family. I will gladly move when and if the time comes. And be grateful for what is, and for the care I receive, until I am no longer aware of what is! Then it will be time to leave, that’s my personal plan. Blessed be*

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