Emotions and Guidance by Inner Wisdom

Emotions and Guidance by Inner Wisdom
Finding the Answers Within

At the centre of your being you have the answer — You know who you are and you know what you want. – Lao Tzu

How does a person know if the direction of their life is driven by their emotional feelings or guided by their inner knowledge and wisdom?

Both of these experiences are internal but as many people are more aware of the world outside themselves than inside themselves, they may not be able to distinguish the difference. However, the outcomes of following emotional feelings or following wisdom can be significantly different. 

Emotions are high in childhood e.g. children laugh, cry, shout with anger, etc. If similar heightened emotions are given that same power in an adult’s life, they may result in that person behaving like a child when trying to deal with an experience that requires adult knowing and wisdom. Our inner child is helpful in having fun but still requires wisdom’s guidance to avoid abuse, stupidity, or danger. Joy is a Spiritual feeling that children and adults feel and connect with the emotional feeling of happiness and keeps the person in balance.

Feeling chaos within is a signal that I am allowing my emotional feelings to control my life. I believe that emotional feelings give us information quickly, but they require our internal wisdom to guide us in the best way to respond, including doing nothing. 

The Relationship between the Human and Being within Us

We are human beings. The human is the part that lives on Earth, currently in the third dimension. The being is often called the Source of All That Is, Soul or Spirit or God or Universe. It is eternal and never dies and is an energy that we can connect to. The heart is our centre, physically, emotionally, intellectually and Spiritually (ref: Thinking with the Heart by Johanna Bassols, UPLIFT April 10th, 2019). 

Alt text hereThe heart is our centre, physically, emotionally, intellectually and Spiritually. Image: Designecologist

The bottom of the heart serves the being and sometimes is called the deep heart. The top of the heart serves the human side and is strongly influenced by what we are taught as children. This programming is called conditioning and the emotional feelings are used to reinforce that we follow it. E.g. guilt. I was taught that when I felt guilty, it is because I am doing something ‘wrong’, and I had to immediately go back to the conditioned program.

Everyone is born with the knowledge (intuition) and wisdom in their deep heart to guide their life in a loving and compassionate way. It is from here that we can see, hear, feel the true way for our lives. This is self-empowerment. The programming our society gave us, never allowed us to follow our internal wisdom and knowing when it was contrary to their conditioning. We were taught that emotional feelings are our guides, not our wisdom. But now as an adult, when I feel guilty, I check with my deep heart to make sure I am following the principles and values that fit with my Spiritual journey and continue to be that way or adjust accordingly.

I understand that my emotional feelings give me information about what is happening in my life but my deep heart tells me the best way to deal with that information, including doing nothing and letting it pass by. I know I am connected to my deep heart when I feel peaceful and calm inside. 

Emotional fear and anxiety tell me that there are unknowns happening in my life. Because I still have much to learn, I need to acknowledge the fear signal and then search from my deep heart within to identify in what aspect of my life this is occurring. From there, wise advice is available regarding what to do or not do about it. In this way, I value that my emotional feelings are giving me a warning and that by staying with my inner peace, calmness and wisdom, I can choose what is best to do about it. I then may use my brain intelligence to apply this in my life

A New Way of Living Life

COVID-19 is helping us change the old pattern. If we feel fear about the virus and follow the emotional feeling, we will behave out of fear and even panic. If we can recognise that fear is telling us there is new information and many unknowns in this change, we can then use our internal wisdom to guide us through it. My internal wisdom recognises that the health advice of spacing and washing hands is something I should follow. So when my deep heart wisdom reverberates with information from outside me, I can choose to follow it and still be in control of my own life.

Alt text hereWe can use our emotions for information and Deep Heart Wisdom as our guide. Image: Tengyart

It is important to learn to know if the inner guidance you are following is from your emotions, which make a lot of ‘noise’ and results in feeling chaotic, or from the peace and calm deep heart knowledge (intuition) and wisdom. The two may be happening at the same time, but if the ‘noise’ is dominant you may not hear the wisdom. 

Pre-COVID-19, some people followed the “noise and glitter outside” in life but now with the restrictions, they may find themselves fearful of the quietness and isolation, and that is because it is an unknown, not because it is wrong or bad.

2020 may be a time wherein this quietness, some people can begin to hear their inner knowing, intuition and wisdom. It may allow a new awareness of inner guidance; of calm self–empowerment. 

When the human is disconnected from the Being, Soul or Spiritual guidance, they may feel lonely. If a human connects to their deep heart, they can feel valued and supported by their Being. This experience is sometimes called loving yourself.

Connecting to Your Deep Heart

Connecting to your deep heart is when you allow your mind’s awareness to let go of the outside world and move downwards inside. Most people shut their eyes when they are doing this. Many meditation techniques take people to the peace and calm, or stillness or nothingness of the deep heart. As you move your awareness downwards, you may find many distractions when you enter the top of the heart. These may be triggered by emotions about the past. These are not in your present life (here and now) and are like a mist or fog that has no physical form to it, and therefore should not be followed. As you keep moving downwards, you may begin to feel some peace and calmness. Keep going and your awareness will enter a space that is quiet and calm. This is the deep heart.

Many of you reading this may recognize that you are a loving and compassionate person. You will likely already have a connection with your deep heart, although you may not be aware of it. Sometimes it is called a person with a good heart.

In this COVID-19 period of change, the Human and Being are coming more together to be One. This will require the human to pass leadership over to the deep heart Being. The emotional feelings, intuition, knowing and wisdom will become a team, each doing the job they are designed to do. Consequently, Peace, Love and Compassion, Honesty and Truth will be the new way of life.


How would you know if you are being driven by your emotional feelings or guided by your inner knowledge and wisdom?  If there is a second wave of Covid-19, as predicted, would you panic and feel despairing and depressed, or calmly follow your inner wisdom to guide you safely by using the knowledge and wisdom you learnt from living through the first wave?

We would love to hear your wisdom and feelings in the comments below.

Much love 

Clive and Team UPLIFT

BY Clive Duffy
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Roxy Hibbins
Roxy Hibbins
11 months ago

Thank you for providing connection and guidance with this beautiful article. Your friends from Glenlyon appreciate the compassion you spread in the world and our lives are all the better for being connected with you. Much love and compassion back at you!

1 year ago

Thank you for this inspiring article. It resonates perfectly with me.

Daga Krackowizer
Daga Krackowizer
1 year ago

My 88 year old heart rejoices at the simple and clear language you use to describe how it feels when I reach the place deep inside it and makes this human, Me, feel.

Thank you for all you and the team at Uplift give me every time I open your e-mails. Particularly these past few days. I was carried away for 40 minutes when Elijah Ray used his beautiful voice and made sounds that penetrated deeply into my soul.

During these days of Covid I am in Baja California looking across the Ocean at all of you. Peace and Love.

Noor Jawad
Noor Jawad
1 year ago

Thank you for the language about Levels of heart, upper heart and deep heart, emotions and wisdom… I’m a holistic wellness practitioner and Cultural Humility to Reverence facilitator. With your permission would like to use this article in my work. (Credited of course).

Thank you again for such a clear , highly evolved message .

Noor Jawad
[email protected]

1 year ago

Emotions remind me of the stock market: erratic, volatile, hypersensitive to the most irrelevant impulses of the external world. Conversely, our Inner Receptor of Divine Intelligence does not radically shift with momentary challenges. Rather, it guides us into deeper, broader, wiser perception of the whole; the place of One. In this place, each individual can connect to all other individuals to collectively recognize and participate in the impenetrable power of One. Full participation allows us to truly release the momentary and recurring feelings of helplessness and transform our lived experience into unapologetic hope and unconditional Love.

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