Connecting to the Crystalline (Christ-aligned) Grid

A Simple Way to Reconnect

I had an incredible and important dream that I wanted to share with all of you. I was in a café getting a bite to eat. All around me, the people looked gray and lifeless, yet the world around them had color. It didn’t make any sense to me. The next moment I find myself near a group of women. These felt like people I had met in many, many lifetimes, they felt like sisters. Yet they too had no color.

I watched as they formed a circle and began to breathe, really breathe. As they took the deep belly breaths, I watched the color return. Then I watched as their crystalline (Christ-aligned) body lit up and then connected with the crystalline (Christ-aligned) grid. With each breath, I saw the energy flow into the grid and reach far and wide, until it met with the next person or group doing the same. It was absolutely amazing to watch.

I was then told that the importance of the breath cannot be overlooked. Big belly breaths help the body to connect to all that is, detoxify our bodies, aid in the cellular function and DNA changes. When we use the breath to activate the Christ-aligned body and connect it into the Christ-aligned grid, it helps us to connect to each other and the creation of the new. It was explained that with all the turmoil on this planet right now that many are only shallow breathing and this is not the Breathe of Life, rather it is only the breath of one merely existing.

The Christ-aligned (Crystalline) grid holds the Christ consciousness which is one of unconditional love and complete unity, within and without. Those that have experienced pain caused by religion know that the frequency of this consciousness can help to heal the wounds. When connecting fully to this frequency and grid I understood clearly just how much had been perverted and changed to fit an agenda by those that wanted to control. The Christ-aligned frequency is one of purity and truth that is not about one man, but rather it is a frequency that was carried by him and can be carried by us all.

Try this simple exercise to connect into yourself and the grid. 

Begin to Deep breathe, expanding the stomach to its largest point

With each inhale, see and feel that you are inhaling pure golden light.

With each exhale let go of any tension or density you are holding. See it leaving as dark bits that instantly turn to light as it leaves your body.

Now say “I activate my Christ-aligned (Crystalline) body now.”

Really notice your body and what this activation feels like

Now say “I connect now to the Christ-aligned (Crystalline) Grid”

You may feel the grid or even see it.

On the inhale of a deep breath, feel the connection of the grid and your body

On the exhale, feel your essence pushing into the grid.

Notice what your body feels and any imagery that shows itself.

To me it looked like water filling the lines of the grid, reaching as far as I could see, connecting with the next person doing the same.

Do this until you feel completely connected and full of life.

It was shown that this exercise will help us to support each other and connect as one world crumbles and we build the new. The Breath of Life (deep belly breaths) is especially important for those that are, or are becoming, nodal point anchors for the Highest Divine Light. It was shown that connecting with our breath this way will help us to support each other and connect. I was shown that this exercise is even more powerful if it is done in groups. It is important that we all begin to connect on the ethers now.

The Breath is our connection to guidance and health. The Breath of Life is not only how we can live more fully in this world but how we create and connect to the new one. 

Sending you all lots of love and deep breaths. Huge thank you too all that support and share this work. Your assistance is invaluable in helping me continue this work.


What have you observed when practising deep, intentional breathing? We would be honoured to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. 

With love and the healing elixir of breath




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Iris Spencer
3 years ago

I am a dreamer and until today did not realise the significance of one of my dreams.

I owned a shop, with the name of it in lights: Crystalline!!!

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