Be Conscious of What You are Thinking

‘Heaven on Earth’ is Just a Thought Away

Since the dawn of New Age thought, proponents have emphasized the power of the mind in controlling biology. The notion of self-empowerment in managing health was adamantly condemned by the pharmaceutical industry, an industry whose livelihood is based upon selling drugs as the only path in controlling health. The public’s perception that pharmaceuticals are the only way to regain health is conditioned by the industry’s onslaught of drug commercials every ten minutes in TV programming. The financial power of the drug companies has also been used to manipulate medical school curricula so that practitioners are trained to devalue the role of the mind while they are encouraged to write drug prescriptions for their patients.

While medical practitioners have essentially dismissed the role of the mind in influencing health, science has fully established that a minimum of one third, and up to two thirds, of all positive medical interventions are due to the Placebo Effect, an expression of the real power of mind over matter. 

By definition, the placebo effect reveals the influence that positive thinking about the effectiveness of a pill or therapy (that may in reality only be a sugar pill or a sham (fake) therapy) can produce a healing experience. Placebos represent the scientific consequence of how positive consciousness (mind) can manifest healing.

While the placebo effect demonstrates the effectiveness of positive thinking in shaping health, what about the influence of negative thinking? Negative thoughts engage the Nocebo Effect, whose influence is equally powerful to that of the placebo effect but works in the opposite direction. Negative thinking, characteristic of the nocebo effect, can cause ANY disease and even death … from nothing more than a thought

It’s not really the power of positive thinking or of negative thinking, it is simply the power of thinking, and how our thoughts control our biology. This insight fully reflects the fundamental principle of quantum physics, the most valid of all the sciences, that recognizes consciousness as the factor that controls our life experiences. The placebo and nocebo effects are mediated by the release of brain neurochemistry that complements the mind’s interpretation of the world. Brain chemistry is responsible for manifesting the body’s physical expression of thought.

Thinking Our Way Out of Fear

At the present moment, the public is again being challenged by the influence of negative thinking as it relates to the fear of another life-threatening pandemic … this time the coronavirus. Please note an important fact about the historic and famous deadly pandemics such as the black death (bubonic plague) in the 1300s and the 1918 swine flu, both of which caused millions of deaths. Medical researchers have established that the health of those that died in these plagues was already physically compromised, they were extremely malnourished and lived in the most unsanitary environments.

Similarly, we are led to believe that measles also represents a ‘deadly’ disease, while years ago, when I was young (contrary to what you may think, that was not the dark ages), everyone got the measles as a right of passage. Yes … some people died with measles and yet again, those that died were already medically compromised. Today, the word ‘measles’ invokes a nocebo image of a deadly plague killing everyone in sight. Be aware that it is the fear of the coronavirus, propagated by media, that is more deadly than the disease itself!

When fear is invoked, it causes a radical change in brain function resulting in the release of neurochemicals that, when sustained, can provoke a physiological breakdown in body functions. Electroencephalograph (EEG) assessments suggest that our thoughts are an internal process that is of profound influence in shaping the interior of the body. EEG studies illustrate how the mind’s expression of positive and negative thoughts shape the behavior of the body’s internal milieu (cells, tissues, and organs).

Broadcasting Good Thoughts

Magnetoencephalograph (MEG) assays also read the mind’s thoughts. But, MEG studies offer profoundly different insights than are offered by EEG assessments. EEG activity is read via electrodes attached to the scalp because the electrical activity of the brain’s neurons is physically conducted to the skin overlying the skull. The MEG apparatus, however, reads brain activity using a probe that does not even touch the head or body. This is truly an important finding since it reveals that our thought processes are not contained in the head, but are ‘broadcast’ out into the environment.

The point is significant because positive and negative thinking, respectively placebo and nocebo influences, not only shape our internal experiences but also shape our interactions with the external world. This finding also supports the quantum physics’ principle that consciousness shapes our life experiences, both internally as it influences health and externally as it shapes our worldly experiences.

The placebo and nocebo effects provide a scientific basis in support of the famous quote from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, … you’re right!”  With that understanding, we should seriously recognize, as psychologists have revealed, the majority of our thoughts are negative, limiting and disempowering. What kind of life can we expect from that?

The conclusion is profound: We can experience personal empowerment, by assessing our thoughts and then through editing and reversing negative thoughts, we can manifest a healthy, happy and harmonious life. Today, physics, biology, and psychology collectively demonstrate the power of consciousness in creating our lives. A finding that interestingly endorses the ancient wisdom of mind over matter.

This same message of the impact that positive thinking has on our life experiences was emphasized in the ancient spiritual literature. Jesus, the profound healer and miracle worker, essentially offered,

You can do all the miracles that I can do, even better than I canbut you must have belief.

The conclusion is clear: To transform our world, we must first transform our thoughts! The influence of positive thinking is real and now, more than ever, is necessary. ‘Heaven on Earth’ is just a thought away.



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3 years ago

Understanding we are vibrational beings – Our thoughts create our reality? -where do thoughts orginate? Do thoughts create beliefs or Do beliefs create thoughts?

3 years ago

This was very informative. I have enjoyed following you on all social platforms. School of Greatness had you on again today. I listen over and over to really embrace what is being said.You have really helped me in so many ways.
Thank you
Someday, i hope to be in the same room as you to experience this energy force in person.

Ket Hayward
3 years ago

It reminds me of the story of David and Goliath in The Bible. Goliath was tormenting the armies of Israel for 40 days and along comes DAVID and brings some food for his brothers and is just a stripling. His first words were when he saw how fearful his brothers and the rest of the camp were were ‘who does this uncircumcised Phiistine think he is coming up against the armies of the Lord’. He was bold and courageous as he already knew from his past experience of killing a bear and a lion with his bare hands that he could fight this giant of a man who was at least 6feet taller than him and in the Bible it says he ran up to Goliath. So David’s thoughts were fearless, boldness and courage and he knew he could do it as God had helped him previous and he did kill him not with swords or armour on him but pure enriched faith in God who had helped him before. There lies his thoughts of faith!!

4 years ago

Thank you very much for the information!

4 years ago

Very valuable information. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Ra Ro
4 years ago

Wow, that’s so fine !

4 years ago

Hi what is the best for all this please , thought processes mindfulness tv ?

Allison Laurent
4 years ago

Super article. I love this kind of articles

Scott Lewis
4 years ago

BEST stuff I have come across besides JESUS CHRIST is Dr. Joe Dispenza check him out on YouTube.

Toni Mackenzie
4 years ago

I only learned that our thoughts create our reality and that it’s possible to take control of our them when I first started to train as a therapist 20+ years ago!. The wonderful Eckhart Tolle said in his best-selling book, The Power of Now, something to the effect of ‘If we can observe our thoughts we cannot be our thoughts’.

This was a huge turning point for me and from that moment on I became the observer, imagining my thoughts as clouds above me and then deciding whether I want the thought-cloud to come down and engulf me in gloom or to watch it drift by and replace it with a ‘good feeling‘ thought! I share this practice with every new client I see as no matter what the surface issue is, our thoughts are at the root of it.

Positive thinking and choosing to be happy are not about walking around with a big fake grin on your face no matter what’s going on. We’re human and will naturally feel sad, anxious, angry etc. at times. It’s about noticing those feelings and acknowledging whether or not they’re justified or necessary, then asking ourselves if we’d prefer to set ourselves free by letting them go – and if not right now, how soon?

Thank you for your article Dr. Bruce Lipton. I love your work!

Readers can download a free excerpt from my Amazon UK bestseller book, which is all about creating our own happiness from within, from my website.

Andy Armstrong
4 years ago

An interesting and uplifting read which should come with a couple of caveats attached. Yes drug companies are probably all about the money but the doctors and scientists who invented the drugs did it for the good of humanity I believe. The other caveat is this. There are positive thinking fit people who have never smoked or drank but still developed cancer. Thank goodness for the drugs that have helped people such as this sometimes to alleviate suffering towards the end. How do you help a diabetic with positive thinking Also children’s health is often compromised by the fact that they are so young and may not have developed a positive thinking mentality.You mention Jesus and miracles. The real miracles I see are the ones where modern medicine have given people a second chance at life or even just a chance. Finally I know people who are using the power of positive thinking which is great but they are also in pain. The problem here is that they are living life with a big smile on their face never sharing their condition with anyone (because that would be ‘negative’) and not allowing anyone else to share their pain. Multiple studies have shown that people who are not ‘happy’ all the time actually have more empathy.
Whoops this all sounds a bit negative. It’s not it’s just life.

Tad Chef
4 years ago

Did you mean “rite of passge”?

Joyce Hollinger
4 years ago

Well done, well said. I loved it! I believe it and I practice it! This concept may never be taught in school at the lower levels but we all know a positive attitude in teachers can be very influential. We must work on a positive frame of mind constantly and when and if negativity creeps in, we have to change the channel.

Joyce in GA

4 years ago

I believe a lot can be said about not falling for the “fix me” dilemna of today’s world. Physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists can only do what they’ve been told …..diagnose and treat. We have to do the rest: live as healthy a lifestyle as possible, stop drowning in our symptoms, take control of our happiness/attitudes. Remove toxic people and places and allow ourselves to be happier.

4 years ago

So true!
Mary Baker Eddy, discoverer and founder of Christian Science, wrote in her book “Science and Health”,
“Stand porter at the door of thought, admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, and you will control yourself harmoniously.”

M. Duclos
4 years ago

Profound! And such a great reminder to be mindful of our thoughts. Thanks so much Dr. Lipton for this timely piece as it relates to the corona virus.

Christine Gerzon
4 years ago

Such a good reminder to be aware of our inner talk. I try to remember every time I make a transition from one activity to another to ask myself, what am I saying to myself right now? If it is negative, I ask, what would I rather be hearing and then say that to myself instead.

Ingrid Schumacher
4 years ago

I love this article. It is clear and tells the hidden truth of how we are pulled by our nose if we are asleep. Consciousness is FREEDOM! Thank you Bruce to wake us up!
I agree this should be tought at school. Children are still geniuses!

Shirley Caldwell
4 years ago

I think it is very well presented. I already knew/know about this and am careful of what I say and think….but few people are…..Take LOL LOL LOL and ha ha ha for example….These phrases have become common and yet few people when challenged have any idea why they have put that down, except `I wasn’t thinking’…

Wendy Colley
4 years ago

I’ve been learning about this and practicing this stuff, and successfully weaned myself off anti depressants that I’ve been on most of my adult life. Definitely agree with Brian (above), that what you believe about yourself and your abilities are paramount to your success in life, and should definitely be taught in schools, not just as an mere idea, but scientific fact. Love it!

4 years ago

Why can’t this be taught in schools at all levels?

About Creativity
4 years ago

Very good.

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