Which World do You Belong to?

We are the Creators of Our Own Worlds

There is darkness but there is light too
There is hatred but there is love too
There is hurt  but there is healing too
There is revenge but there is forgiveness too
There are complains but there is gratitude too
There is criticism but there is appreciation too
There is scarcity but there is prosperity too

There are walls but there are open doors too
There are locks but there are keys too
There is death but there is birth too
There is despair but there is hope too
There is suffering but there is support too
There is sadness but there is happiness too
There is turmoil but there is peace too
There is poverty in abundance but there is richness in lack too
There are takers but there are givers too

There is depression but there is resilience too
There is a dead-end but there is U-turn too
There is sickness but there is wellness too
There are devils but there are angels too

YOU are the WORLD and The WORLD is in YOU
Ask yourself which world you belong, and the world you are creating with your thoughts, words, and actions.

We are all interconnected, making this world whole and complete.
Let us together raise the vibration of collective consciousness to live in the world we love …

Grace and Gratitude.

BY Jyotima Prasad



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Tille Kollerup Carlsen
4 years ago

Yin Yang – plus and minus – makes the world go around.. thank you for a beautiful text !

Ruth Carter
4 years ago

This my dream to help lift consciousness of the planet. I did 13 years in Federal Prison. That is where I got on the path. I taught The Metaphysical Interpretation of The Bible for 7 years. What a lot people don’t know is that prison grounds are also spiritual grounds. I had the time and opportunity to study most of the major religions.

I have learned each one has a piece of the truth. I have hope and a vision for the planet. Now is the time for us to help lift the consciousness of our world.

In prison we had spiritual names. My class named me Unity.

Michelle Revello
4 years ago

I am going to share this with our community today. Well done and thanks for the reminder that we can look at each obstacle and realize there is a positive.

About Creativity
4 years ago

Very good start.

Bryan Moss
4 years ago

A beautiful piece Jyotima. I don’t believe I could have delivered this message better. Thank you for this.
from the Heart, Bryan Moss

4 years ago

Thanks Jyotima for the wonderful message. One could relate their life and thank GOD and take only the positivity and move on from the bitterness and spreading only the positive essence to the people around

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