Theory of the Evolution of Human Beings

Asking Big Questions

I asked, “What is the theory of evolution of Human beings?”

And the old man replied…

Initially, you were no different from animals,
food, kill, fight and reproduce.
Yes! You were the same,
as the other living creatures in this world.

Then one day you became curious,
and you began to analyze things around you,
and you began to fear certain things,
and you began to discover things to fulfill your needs.
But still you are the same
as any other living creature,
Moving around in herds,
for security, unity and shelter.

I became impatient.
“Then When and How?”

And he smiled and replied…

The day you generated emotions,
The day you started empathy,
The day you believed in the almighty,
The day you prayed for the well being of the whole world,
The day you began to differentiate between good and evil,
The day you began to do good to others unconditionally,
The day you find peace and live and let live (a very simple life principle)
You are truly evolved as a human being!

But the real question is,
Are you?

And I was silent…

Am I really an evolved human being?
I consoled myself,
Or maybe I lied.
Maybe someday,
Or maybe not!

BY Vikram Pratap



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