The Revolution of Our Times

Discovering the Nature of Transformation

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” – J.K. Rowling

An Internal Revolution?

These days we often hear that if we are to change our world to a loving, just and sustainable one, all we need is to change consciousness. At first glance, this seems to imply that action is not necessary, or important. But conscious action flows from an inspired consciousness. They are not separate but actually call forth each other.

As we start to recognize that spirit and matter are one, we also realize that the level of our own consciousness is reflected and embodied in our actions, our relationships and the material systems we live by. We are presently living in systems and structures that do not represent an enlightened consciousness – in fact, they often represent just the opposite: a consciousness of division, competition, violence, and fear. By default, we are forced to comply with them outwardly, even if inwardly they chafe against the yearnings of our soul. As our consciousness evolves we are compelled to heal these splits – the ways in which our spirit and our material life are incongruent.

As we come into an awareness of the interconnection and unity of all life, we are called into action to change the outer structures and systems by which we live.

Awakening to Change

As a student in the seventies and like many of my generation, I wanted to change the world. At a certain point, frustrated with the seemingly intractable obstacles to changing entrenched power structures, I came to the conclusion that nothing would change unless we changed our own consciousness at an inner level. I then embarked on a long journey that took me to India and for many years practised yoga and meditation in spiritual communities. I even became a swami in an ashram myself.

After twenty-five years “on the cushion” I had a second awakening, as electrifying as the first. I suddenly woke up to the reality that not only had all those years of “consciousness transformation” not succeeded in transforming the planet but that in fact, we were on the verge of potentially cataclysmic climate change, ecological and economic collapse. I realized that inner work can’t substitute for outer work, but that the two have to go together.

My first awakening was to the truth of interconnection and Oneness; my second to the crucial importance of applying it in the world. The first was a blissful awakening; the second a rude one – but ultimately blissful too, because it embraced reality in its true fullness, which empowers the transformation from darkness into light.

Inner work can’t substitute for outer work – the two have to go together. Photo by Ksenia Makagonova

Not Either/Or But Both and More

As enlightened consciousness and enlightened systems mutually bring each other forth, a new, holistic, evolving society emerges; greater than the sum of its parts, and far beyond anything we could have predicted. This means that true inner revolution is inevitably the basis of true outer revolution. Overcoming the false distinction we make between them is essential to the quantum leap in our evolution needed to heal both ourselves and our planet today. Beth Green, counsellor and teacher, speaks of the importance of “changing ourselves AND our world.” As she cogently puts it:

Outer revolution focuses on confronting someone or something outside ourselves. Inner revolution focuses on confronting ourselves, healing ourselves and then helping co-create a world that is more humane, sustainable and mutually supportive. Our world needs nothing less than an inner revolution.

We need to question everything: our personal assumptions, social and political institutions, ways of relating to one another and the earth, spiritual beliefs, healing modalities, the way we think and more. And we have to be willing to change it all.

“There’s no time for self-doubt and despair.” she urges us. “Let’s support one another to change ourselves, so that, together, we can change our world.”

A Culture of Wholeness

Beth also speaks of the new culture of ‘mutual support,’ which is “very different from traditional notions of support. Mutual support is the process of relying upon higher consciousness to guide our actions for the highest good of all, including us. It is the key to our own personal wellbeing, as well as a living experience of Oneness and community.”

Mutual support is a culture of wholeness, whereby the individual supports the highest good of the whole and the whole supports the highest good of the individual. We acknowledge that through supporting the highest good of all, we create a healthy whole that supports us all. We acknowledge that we are one and cannot be well at one another’s expense. And we also acknowledge that we need not sacrifice, because the good of the whole always includes the good of ourselves.

By advancing our evolution both personally and collectively, it advances both exponentially. Photo by Chang Duong

Combining inner and outer revolution is the fastest, most powerful way to accelerate both our own transformation and that of our society and our planet. By advancing our evolution both personally and collectively, it advances both exponentially, far more powerfully than if we work at either the inner or outer level alone.

A Transformative Force

Andrew Harvey, author of “The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism” powerfully spells out the need to bring the inner and outer levels of transformation together, super-charging the potential for genuine, deep-rooted change:

A spirituality that is only private and self-absorbed, one devoid of an authentic political and social consciousness, does little to halt the suicidal juggernaut of history. On the other hand, an activism that is not purified by profound spiritual and psychological self-awareness and rooted in divine truth, wisdom, and compassion will only perpetuate the problem it is trying to solve, however righteous its intentions.

When, however, the deepest and most grounded spiritual vision is married to a practical and pragmatic drive to transform all existing political, economic and social institutions, a holy force – the power of wisdom and love in action – is born. This force I define as ‘Sacred Activism.’

As consciousness evolves, it is natural for it to seek new, systemic outer expressions. Going beyond the ‘either/or’ of consciousness change or outer change may be in itself the revolution of our times!


Find out more about Kavita, her articles, and her vision for a living community integrating spirituality, social transformation and the feminine.



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Henry Salazar
2 years ago

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Last edited 2 years ago by Henry Salazar
2 years ago

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Last edited 2 years ago by Sjany
Bianca Boneberger
2 years ago

I LOVE how you speak from sacred activism. It sounds like God in Action with Holy Wisdom 💖 Thank YOU 💖

Mr Satish Thaker
2 years ago

Our lives, the present living, the lifestyle is full of material world, ambitions and desires to be successful in all aspects. But then a tragic event, a ‘Wake-Up-Call’ but we fail to recognise and life goes on. An another tragic event, another ‘Wake-Up-Call’, with the busy lifestyle, we ignore the call. And eventually one gets a tragic event, gives a jolt and makes you think. Why, all these tragic events, with me. Hopefully, your deep thinking makes you realise that it is a ‘Wake-Up’Call’ from above, an angle, time to change your path, the direction, whatever road you are on, it’s not for you.
As soon as you change your path, everything starts brightening up. New door opens.
One needs to recognise these ‘Wake-Up-~Calls’.
I have been through those tragic events in 10 yrs span. The fourth tragic event, my 16 yrs old son, struck with the Meningococcal Meningitis. Very little chances of survival.
Light struck, I woke up. Recognised the ‘Wake-Up-Call’, decided to leave the business I was in. Only decided to change the path, only decided.
The next day, an opportunity opened up and I grabbed it with open arms. Never looked back. My son fully recovered. An angle was looking after us.
Everyone gets these ‘Wake-Up-Calls’, just needs to recognise it, before it’s too late.

2 years ago

There is a quote from the wise one POGO and he said ” I have found the enemy and it is us ” for with every thought, word and deed we have created the things we fight against for we are made in the image and likeness of God and we reap what we so or as JJ says what you see is what you get. Focus on the GO*D and you get the GO*D;)))
Always Loving You;))

Bill Urzen
2 years ago

Listen, all the most profound and philosophical rantings have been with us for more than 10,000 years. Nothing changes! If we are ever going to change we must let go of the memes of competition. This means the belief in couples and marriage which has been the common destructive thread through history must be changed if we are to survive.

Felicity Muench
2 years ago

My nonprofit One Voice 4 Change is working with students here in Colorado and Belize (Belmopan and Belize City) to bring awareness, connection, and understanding to high school kids. I feel we need to connect students to opportunities which increases consciousness so they will have a voice in creating their future.

Simon Ferrar
4 years ago

Thank you. Your words have arrived at just the right moment. I have been swimming around in a sea with no horizons. My ego mind came back to cloud my heart, weigh me down and pull me under.
Love, connection and surrender have kept me afloat and are bringing me back to shore.
I thought my ‘inner work’ would naturally manifest outwards but I have realised (with your words to reassure) that without the ‘outer work’ – Love Care and Connection have nowhere to seed and thrive.
Thank you from my heart.

Ms Ellen Young
4 years ago

Once again another great article Uplift Team – I so agree with a lot of what Donald Heckelmiller says until we educate our children AWE and change our education system to alter their perspective of the World and give them the opportunities of true knowledge and growth – will our journey and growth of the Human Spirit be on the real and truthful evolutionary path for the Human Species.

Donald G Heckelmiller
4 years ago

We must start teaching children AWE and an awareness of their environment. We must let our children know they can trust the One God. We need to get the children outside and quit giving them homework in school.
I never graduated High school, but I still have much knowledge of all major studies from medicine, to physics, astronomy, psychology, etc. We learn by doing not by taking tests. We need to teach meditation in our schools and make them aware of mysticism. And let them know they are all equal and they each have a genius in them and we need to help them find their dharma or their purpose.

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