The Expansion and Contraction of Energetics

BY Megan Graham
The Ever Changing Forms of Energy

To feel the breath’s Rhythmic pulse of life is to be in touch with the Universal Wisdom that breathes through our bodies. It is the essence and nature of Divinity to have rhythm, cycles, contraction, and expansion. This is happening as fractals of the microcosm and macrocosm are beating and vibrating just as our heart is birthing new life in each moment. The Microcosm is the nature of the reflection of all life reverberating into smaller pieces of the One Macrocosm, which holds all in Cosmic Existence. The Universe holds patterns of Dimensions, Blueprints, and Cycles, which correlates to Expansion and Contraction cycles, or Ascension and Descension Cycles. The Universe in its essence is Infinite, therefore unable to be finite, or defined. Let us take a deeper look into how these Expansion and Contraction cycles relate to humans on earth, and how we can improve our lives by understanding the nature and purpose of them. 

What is an Expansion Cycle?

The nature of all life holds within it the blueprint for their Rising, the Rising and Ascending of their Consciousness into higher vibrational frequencies of existence, aligned more closely with the Source. As we are experiencing life as Humans on Mother Earth/Gaia, we are connected with the Cycles of her energetics as well as the Astrological movement in our Galaxy. These movements have their own unique and ever-changing vibration, cycles can unfold in long strides and at times repeat themselves. 

Everything in the Universe is made from Sound or Vibration. Therefore everything that may seem to be stagnant, is actually in movement, in vibration. This brings us closer to understanding the expansion cycles and contraction cycles within the Universe. An expansion cycle is when the Energetics of the Cosmos, our Astrological movement, as well as our Earth Collective is triggered by a shift in frequencies that can come from many sources, however, the important focus is that it is innate in the Universe for this cycle to occur. 

When this shift occurs, and Expansion is Triggered, we may feel an upliftment of our own consciousness. Inspiration, Bliss, Flow States, Divine Connection, Synchronicity, and Ascending states can be a part of this expansion cycle. When we expand, we are becoming Unified even more with our Divine Source within and without, feeling this Divine Connection all around us and within our own Consciousness. Many new spiritual understandings may present, a shedding of an aspect of yourself such as a pattern of behaviour may fall away, we also can experience many breakthroughs that give us renewed confidence and wisdom that heals our heart space. We can feel a new motivation, drive, and abundance all around us, leading us further in alignment with our Soul’s passion and purpose. 

The purpose of the expansion cycle is to reveal to us what it is we are here to embody, to remember and learn, to create and to release. The expansion cycles remind us of our divine nature, as well as this nature in all things and people around us. These can be powerful cycles and at times trigger people into a feeling of fear, as expansion cycles can have an underlying ‘growth’ energy, where we are being asked to release what it is we were clinging to out of fear of change. Expansion cycles magnetize new spiritual information, as well as higher frequencies of Love and Light to integrate for each. When we work in harmony with expansion cycles, we are able to understand that releasing what no longer serves us, is raising our vibration and creating space for more manifestations to arrive in our reality. We are following our Divine Inspiration and allowing our guidance and intuition to be utilized as they are turned up in this cycle of expansion. Dreams may be vivid, we may also feel a shift in perspective.

Contraction Cycles

Now, let’s talk about Contraction cycles. When a contraction cycle is triggered, this can create a more linear, structured energetic. This is because expansion can be compared to that of a Feminine Energy and Contraction can be compared to that of a Masculine energy. They are both equally divine and important for life. In a contraction cycle, more structure and linearity come through – focus back into one’s physical life and the aspects within it will become apparent. This takes place as a way to re-organize and distribute the new creative patterns that were brought through in the expansion cycle. The contraction cycle can feel different depending on each individual. One who felt perhaps intimidated, lost, ungrounded and overwhelmed within the expansion cycle, may feel as though they can now integrate the Expansion cycle energetics, and what it presented to them to learn. The Contraction cycles are a way of healthily metabolizing our Spiritual learnings, inspirations, guidance, and intuition. Keywords are grounding or anchoring for the contraction cycles, as they call us back into the present moment in a way we can physicalize, embody and apply the energetics from the expansion cycle.

Now, I have explained the Expansion and contraction cycles in somewhat of a linear nature. However, I would like to advise you that it is not always this way, as the Universe is not linear by nature. This means that while there are over-arching themes and cycles of expansion and contraction, which affect all of us, what you experience as an expansion cycle, another may feel it as contracting energy – and vice versa. This is because we are all unique Souls, we are all here with different energetic makeup, and we are all on our own path and some of us may be more in alignment with our higher purpose, some may still be on the path to finding what that is for them. These cycles are a natural way the Divine breathes experience, richness, growth, integration, creativity, unity, healing and cleansing into our consciousness. We can take a zoom-out into the expansion of the Universe to see these patterns are applied for a reason. They give us all a chance to learn about ourselves, to learn and expand our consciousness, as well as become more in touch with every aspect of our Psyche that may need to be brought to light, out of the shadows and into a new phase.

We are all made of energy and just as Einstein said, energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. This is a true Light to shine upon these patterns we all experience in a unique way. This is a way energy transforms, by recycling and creating movement within itself to shine in a new way, creatively, Divinely – through us all. How can you become attuned to your rhythms within life? How can you welcome these expansion and contraction cycles, and create ritual, spiritual practice, grounding and anchoring in a way that resonates with you?

BY Megan Graham



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4 years ago

As a female I encourage women to honour the expansion phase of their menstrual cycle towards ovulation and our innate creativity in what ever form that takes. And then the contraction phase towards menstruation and release. Personally this means that my menstrual cycle took me towards togetherness or separation, activity or stillness, doing or being in a very natural way. It is influenced by the phases of the moon so ovulation at full moon could be a very “let’s party” sort of expression and menstruating at new moon a very deep and nurturing time to be alone and meditate. Isn’t nature wonderful!

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