Sarthak Foundation

The Sarthak Foundation reaches out to children in urban slums, villages and on construction sites and changes their lives through education and skills.

Spreading Education to the slums

In 2013, six-year-old Kajal used to live with her family of 5 in a 2 m x 2 m room in the slum area of Chinhat in Lucknow. She used to work in homes with her mother. She used to abuse drugs. Kajal had never been to a school. In 2018, Kajal still lives in the same home, but she doesn’t work or abuse drugs. And most importantly, she goes to an English medium school where she is studying in class III. She is doing surprisingly well, which reinforces our faith in what a little help can do to radically change the lives of children living in poverty.

The Sarthak Foundation embarked on the mission with a handful of children with no resources to our disposal. The will was to disseminate education even if that meant teaching under the shade of a tree in a playground. What began with six children has expanded to more than 900 on the present day.

In the last six years, The Sarthak Foundation has been able to set up 7 permanent Yellow Rooms in four slums, two construction sites and a village where every day 900 children receive an education free of cost. The Foundation has also set up a pre-primary rural school in a village.


A Vision for a brighter future

“We want a world full of laughter and joy for its children. We want a world that is kind to its children.”

With this vision, The Sarthak Foundation wishes to improve the quality of life of children who live in slums and villages of India. We want them to be good human beings by having access to the right kind of education.

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