Ramana’s Garden

Ramana’s Garden offers the vision that every child, regardless of caste or creed, has the right to a home, proper nutrition, quality education and primary health care.

The Ramana’s Garden story

Ramana’s Garden is a children’s refuge, home, school and organic café situated in the beautiful North Indian city of Rishikesh. Located between mountains at the bank of the holy River Ganga (Ganges), Ramana’s was founded by Prabhavati Dwabha more than 20 years ago as a refuge for children at risk of poverty and abuse in India and Nepal. Approximately 70 kids live full time at Ramana’s Garden, and more than 200 kids attend school at Ramana’s each day during the school year.

The children who live in Ramana’s Garden have been determined to be ‘at risk’. Each child that comes through this gate arrives because they would be at risk of either being murdered, forced into prostitution, child labour, begging, starvation or total neglect otherwise. Ramana’s Garden takes these children in and gives them a loving home, family and education so they have the opportunity to become independent and functioning adults, securing themselves a valuable position in society.

Still today, millions of Indian children are in dangerous circumstances due to having been born into the cycle of poverty, ignorance, and homelessness. Ramana’s Garden is working to rescue as many of them as possible and the need is prominent. With your help, we believe that we can make a difference one child at a time.

Goals for our children:

  • Empower and encourage every child growing up at Ramana’s to be able to take risks and grow into an integrated unique human being.
  • Instill in every child at Ramana’s Garden a sense of well-being and compassion for their fellow travellers on this journey through life.
  • Ensure every child studying or living in Ramana’s Garden will enter the job market with sufficient skills to secure a valuable position for themselves.


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2 months ago

Durin my stay in Rishikesh in 2019 i had the chance to visit this wonderful place. It is a peaceful haven of hope for the children. It is ful of love and life and laughter and the constant rumble and noise coming from the streets are gone the second you pass the door to this little paradise. The kids get an education, there learn how to use their voice and they learn that EVERY child deserves love and care and an educat and that castes are not important, but the human being is. I was in awe of those children and couldn’t hold back my tears thinking about what some of them already have gone through. It made me so angry – but grateful, too, for places like Ramana’s garden. It ist a cause worth supporting and that uplift chose them is a blessing for them! Thank you, uplift! By visiting their homepage one can learn eben more about their projects and read about the stories of the alumni graduation from universities all over the world after finishing school in Ramana’s garden.

3 months ago

I am overcome with the sweetness and purity of John Croft’s story. I am not able to contribute financially, but so feel the need to volunteer in some capacity with your organization. I am located in Denver, Colorado – what are your needs?

Brett A Rogers
Brett A Rogers
4 months ago

Looks like I could be helpful to your Rites of Passage Institute and Earth Guardians projects as well. Please checkout my website.

Brett A Rogers
Brett A Rogers
4 months ago

How do you define primary health care? As a science-based author on mind-body-spirit health and performance enhancement strategies, preventative medicine is superior to how many define primary health care for preventing and reverse many common non-communicable diseases, such as cancers, diabetes, obesity, microbiome imbalances, mental health issues and more. AS WELL, these techniques enhance performance, making it easier for those that adopt these ways of life to learn, make decisions, expand awareness and more. I believe that all school curricula need to have these topics as dominant subjects. One of my books, a textbook, is intended to set the foundation for a K-12 curriculum. All I need now are some collaborators 🙂

Jill Benneyworth
Jill Benneyworth
4 months ago

I stand in awe – am grateful that such a movement is in the world

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