Mother Earth: A Poem by Jill Death

Living graciously on this land, stepping gently I feel it’s pain

A mother of earth supporting all her offspring, a job hard to sustain
I hear her heartbeat is in turmoil grounding deep into her core
Tired and weakened, her tears and groans are so raw
Underneath her tough, robust exterior, she is delicate and fragile
Cleansing herself with wind, rain and sun covering each mile
Our precious planet, our earth, our home needs much love, attention, care and healing
Shredding and purging, ingesting new frequencies, ready to expose secrets she is concealing
Her beauty and natural resources will thrive from blessings and appreciation
As transformation ripples through landscapes preparing for a new civilisation
Honouring her pledge I give thanks for our life, her gift
Staying true and respecting her path, for without her we wouldn’t exist

BY Jill Death



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2 years ago

A beautiful description of our connection to and reliance on our Mother Earth, whom we have hurt and abused.

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