Life Matters

BY Danielle Richardson
When Will We Comprehend the Magnitude of Humanity?

Into the wonderfulness of the world,
As it experiences and sometimes curled,
At the hate and anger that can disturb,
Thoughts of peace in society, observed.

How can we help those that merely preach?
Who are not ready to hear of how we can reach,
Away from the darkness of what does bleach,
To the hearts centre of what love can teach.

We need the hate to see the love,
We need the dark to feel the above,
We need each other to comfort like a glove,
In helping us to feel, life lessons dove.

When will we comprehend the magnitude of humanity?
Rather than differentiating people by colour so passively.
The lack of love it can shadow in our meetings, so drastically,
missing human unity by which we all share, so magically.

If we don’t question and ask, why people rehearse,
hiding behind professional curtains, as they curse.
Of what can be outlined, in our true essence disperse,
By which we subtly wish nurtured, in children’s converse.

When we feel with our heart, that helps us unite,
labels and stigma can encourage the food in fight.
How can we guide the next generations’ inner light?
If we adults do not reflect and grow from hindsight?

When we feel with passion that protrudes from the heart,
stop looking with eyes and see clearer without a colour chart.
At the emotions that we can ALL feel as human beings – smart,
The wicked and wonderful of humanities abilities, to distort.

It can come from the systems need, for unnecessary complexity,
That we can then yearn to strive in life, for more simplicity.
When we are able to truly see all living, vulnerability.
We can share in our feelings of love, in and of, humanity.

BY Danielle Richardson
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