Self-Discovery Guidelines to Access and Activate:

Take your time, go slowly, and be patient with yourself to get the best results.

1. Feel your body, take a few moments to settle in. Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Connect with it.

2. Focus on and bring your awareness to the specific Inner Resource of Humility.

Explore the following questions:

Writing down your insights is very helpful, and we encourage you to keep a journal of your explorations, so grab a journal or a pad of paper now!

As I recognize the best parts of me, my awesomeness, my greatness, and my many good deeds, I notice that they can enter a deep place of genuine humility within me. 

As well, in recognition of having made mistakes, I can meet humility within me. There is also a feeling of humility that comes when I realize I have limitations, that there are many things I don’t know, or when I feel helpless. 

Take a few deep breaths, relaxing into your felt experience of being you. Then, bring your awareness to the feelings of humility within you. 

Open the space of recognition within you, feeling into the many positive things about you, with your capacity for genuine humility in ways never felt before. 

Be gentle with yourself. Be courageous. 

As you allow yourself to inwardly say and acknowledge such things as your loving heart, your acts of kindness, your accomplishments, and many other positive things about you that only you might know, be curious to see what happens as you hold these aspects of yourself in quiet humility. 

Each of us have always done the best we could and we have made mistakes, felt helpless, “gotten it wrong”, etc. Recognizing and acknowledging this allows us to forgive ourselves with kindness and compassion and opens the inner door to genuine humility. 

You might discover that allowing yourself to feel deeply into the resource of humility creates openness within you and allows you to acknowledge more wonderful and beautiful things about you. 

This is not conceit, narcissism, or self-aggrandizement. Those have no access to genuine humility. 

Take some time to write down what you are experiencing and what you are discovering. Start making a list of all your wonderful qualities and anything (and everything) you think of that is a positive and admirable quality of you. Keep adding to this list.

If, at any time, you hear your inner voice of self-attack, compassionately forgive yourself for saying something harmful and unkind to yourself and utilize your inner resources of humility, courage, and determination to acknowledge what is undoubtedly a more truthful statement about yourself. 

Now that you have accessed the resource of humility within you, take a moment to consider the really big things in life: the vastness of the universe, the miracle of life, the super-ordinary, the presence of a Higher Power, the magnificence of nature (thunder storms, lightening, hurricanes, rainbows, flowers blooming, new buds, mountain ranges, flowing rivers, and more…) and see how you feel to meet these great mysteries with humility. 

Throughout the day, and for as many days as you like, continue to explore, with curiosity and kindness to yourself, what happens as you feel into, access, and activate your Inner Resource of humility.

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