Floating Free

BY Amba Kelly Cooper
Listen Inside to the Love that Will Guide ...

Just be still the wise man say
Look within don’t let your mind stray
And all will be revealed to you.

For in this golden silence
We can see the inner violence
That comes from our heart closing
And the constant pretence and the posing
That leads us Away from who we truly are.

And when we cannot find
We search in endless circles blind
Wasting so much energy on seeking divine
When it’s all here inside.

So look in, don’t go out
Endless searching is not what this is about
Real healing is here
Stay long enough to clear
Whatever your troubles and doubt.

Don’t follow the ego follow your heart
It won’t lead you the same way
Listen inside to the love that will guide
And then you will fly high like that bird in the sky

Floating free on life’s sweet turmoil in melody.

BY Amba Kelly Cooper
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Linda J. giles
Linda J. giles
1 year ago

Beautiful. Made my Day. Gave me hope. Love this and will share.

Lynn T
Lynn T
1 year ago
Reply to  UPLIFT

I like your poem , thanks so much for sharing it!

I recently wrote a poem , coincidentally also called Floating Free :-). Thought I would share it…

Floating Free

Letting go of that which binds,
Floating free… floating free…

Relaxing heart and mind
Aah… the soul can just “be”…

Spaciousness arises
with a choice contained within:

When a new mind state surprises
I can witness or dive in

Ram Dass said crossing over
is like taking off tight shoes

May we learn before we’re clover
Letting go is not to lose

Less is more, and we are so much bigger than we think

Could it be surrender is the final missing link?

Maybe we can get a taste
of touching the blue sky

By feeling into what it takes
to “die before you die”

And so brave soldiers, hear the call
Unlace those worn out boots

Risk it all and let them fall
May we reap new fruits

March 2020

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