Everything Originates within Thought

A Story about Thoughts

There was once a thought … and this thought decided it would be blue and wavy

And so it was.

The thought liked what it was but wanted to share its bluest blue and waviest wave so it invited another thought to share itself with … Squiggliest squiggles.

And so it was.

“My squiggles are so much more attractive than your simple, boring wavy waves!”

“Quit shoving, I was here first! I am bluer and wavier”

“I’m better” … “No, I am!”

Spikiest spike and reddest red joined in as did blackest black

Each claiming they were better than the rest

Things were out of control …

Thought thought as loud as it could think

“STOP!” it thought

When everything was quiet, Thought thought it heard a voice coming from the space thought came from

“I will guide you” whispered the voice

“Who are you?” answered the thought

“I am the Inner Voice”

“Oh I see,” thought Thought, “like a conscience.”

“I prefer the term ‘intuition'” said the voice

Thought was happy to have another to think to

Thought was clear and realized it wasn’t alone

Calm thought was nearby as was Focused thought

“We will help too” thought the others

They decided all of these thoughts together made no sense. It just wasn’t working out and invited another thought … Help

The invited Help decided to erase all of the thoughts and start over

And so it was.

The eraser thought became clear and decided it would invite a nice, kind and gentle thought to start with

Then invited a subtle pink to blend with

Then heart shape

Then feeling

Then people to share with and the thought had finally found what it was looking for.

It found love and was very happy

And so it was.

BY Theresa Piper



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