Dr. Bruce Lipton – How Technology Has Dishonored Science

Dr. Bruce Lipton – How Technology Has Dishonored Science

Was there a time in your life when a single experience or event shaped the character of the rest of your life?

Seventy years ago in 1951, as a seven-year-old student in second grade, though unbeknownst to me at the time, a momentary experience was about to shape the fate of the rest of my life. It happened the moment I first looked in the eyepiece of a microscope and saw an amazing “universe” of living things in a world that was formerly “invisible” to me. I observed an amoeba, a paramecium and a green alga, whose name I would never forget … spirogyra (cool, right?).

Fifteen years later, my interest in cells led to becoming a graduate student at the University of Virginia’s Department of Biology in 1966. At that time, I was staring down the eyepiece of a massive electron microscope, not looking at an amoeba, but this time, peering deep inside its molecular anatomy. I was becoming a true scientist, a cell biologist exploring the nature of life at its most fundamental level. Every day when I went to the lab and looked into that microscope, it was like a Star Trek adventure, rather than going into outer space, I was going into deep inner space “where no one has gone before.” (… Thank you, Captain James T. Kirk).

Science is an exploration of the unknown. Image by Stefan Cosma

Going to work as a scientist, was truly an adventure every day. I was an explorer using an electron microscope to travel into the inner depths of life and observing sites never seen by humans before. Yes, “true” scientists were strictly explorers driven by their quest to know the unknown, seeking insights into the nature of life itself.

Yet, I observed that the world of the true biology was profoundly fractured in the late 1970’s, when a new breed of graduate students appeared. These students were not there for the “Star Trek” adventure, they were there to seek high-paying job opportunities in the burgeoning world of the pharmaceutical industry. They came to gather knowledge to “make” a product and acquire a profit in drug discovery.

By my definition, these students were not training to become scientists, they were on a track to become technologists, individuals “using” Science to create marketable items. This is not the mission of a true scientist. Unfortunately, in their rush to make money, these “technologists” have released into society drugs and products that have not only undermined health but have had a very negative impact not just on patients, but on civilization and Nature itself.

Starting four years ago, the country’s health and environmental woes have been blamed on the activities of “Science.” Today, the public continues to express a distrust and disdain for the realm of Science. However, I perceive that this is a miss-directed attack on Science, for it is not Science that has created the problems, it is the misuse of scientific awareness by the Technologists that have precipitated the problems.

This is especially true regarding the debacle in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, which has also been blamed on Science. Fact, Anthony Fauci is not a “scientist,” he is a technologist, using scientific awareness to manifest the production of COVID-19 vaccines … a product of science.

I was truly deeply disturbed when Fauci, in response to critics of his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, stated that “attacks on me are, quite frankly, attacks on science.” (June 9, 2021, CNBC Health and Science News article titled, “Fauci blasts ‘preposterous’ Covid conspiracies, accuses his critics of ‘attacks on science’”.) Fauci’s proclamation suggests that his view is the view of Science. He is not the “Pope” of Science, the source of infallible scientific knowledge.

The Covid pandemic has led many to question science. Image by Mufid Majnun

While he does have his personal opinions about science, there are many other scientists offering alternate insights that challenge Fauci’s perception that he is the ONE SOURCE of knowledge. As the self-acknowledged provider of “One Source Science,” Fauci spearheaded a personal mission to have the government, the news, and social media organizations censor and deprecate the findings of other researchers challenging his personal view of Science. Fauci’s actions directly resemble the effort of the Church in the 1500’s to maintain its claim of being the “One Source” of infallible knowledge by engaging in the Inquisition, a mission to eliminate dissenters by labeling them as heretics.

The good nature and intent of Science has been jaded by the ideas introduced by those Technologists whose endeavors are not driven by awareness, but by money. In my understanding, “scientists” don’t make products! As a scientist, and according to Fauci, a heretic, I hold strongly to the belief that the research derived from true Science will be the source of awareness that will enable us to thrive into the future … as long as we can keep Technology in check.

I am honored and proud to be a scientist, and believe there are many different scientific approaches that should be considered as we evolve into the future.

Wishing YOU … health, happiness, and harmony,

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist and renowned author of The Biology of Belief.



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2 years ago

Bruce, you are simply labeling a statement made by Fauci into another effort of yours to grow discord and hate into our society. Who do you want the public to listen to? FOX Noise?

Stefan Wolf
2 years ago

Thank you Dr. Lipton for this excellent article! I would like to add, since you addressed Covid-19 and Fauci, that virology – the basis of the whole Covid crisis, actually cannot be called a scientific discipline. The definition of what can be called a scientific statement and the resulting obligations are clearly defined. Summarized: A. Every scientific statement must be verifiable, comprehensible and refutable. B. Only if the refutation of a scientific statement by laws of thought, logic and, if applicable, by control experiments has not succeeded, a statement may be called scientific. C. Every scientist is obliged to check and question his statements himself. Nevertheless, virologists have never carried out or published the mandatory control tests for checking their methods, and not for a single step in their activities. For this reason, no statements by the virologists should be considered scientific. This year however, a biologist and former virologist Dr. Lanka has done these control experiments and it is challenging the very foundation of virology. I have written about this in detail in my article “3 facts about viruses and contagion” in point 2. You can read the article and the sources here: https://www.loveproductions.org/english/articles/3-facts-about-viruses-and-contagion
When you read my article you might come to realize that Fauci is not only a technologist, who supported a kind of inquisition as you point out, but all of his actions had no scientific grounds, they were simply based on anti-scientific paradigms.
Sending you my best wishes and thank you for your incredibly valuable work on the science of belief.

Janyse Hrynkow, MA CCC
2 years ago

Way to go Bruce!!! I saw and heard you years ago, with Lee Pulos
You gave me strength knowing my fetuses were learning my survival skills and would have strength and now grown men they are healthy and quickly adapt to anything!

Celeste Zygmont
2 years ago

Earth is a place of learning for all of us. Scientists are learning. Technologists are learning. Each of us lives to learn, and each loving heart can hold compassion for it all.

2 years ago

Thank you. I’m so glad somebody with more credentials than I have (just your average critical thinker) can put into words exactly what I have been thinking since Fauci told us masks would not prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Stardom is a Faustian bargain.

Dr. Bill Breitenbach
2 years ago

Very well said Dr. Bruce. I agree that to locate the source of our current debacle…follow the money! That path will undoubtedly lead you to the pharmaceutical industry and their collusion with government. Other players???: the food industry, organized medicine, the insurance industry and, again, government, overseeing and enabling the entire mess! God help us all and countless generations to come.

2 years ago

Me ha quedado claro que no está de acuerdo con el la opinión de Dr. Anthony Fauci. Me hubiera gustado que hubiese dado una alternativa científica respecto a cómo se ha manejado la pandemia de COVID-19. Es la primera vez que le leo. Quizás lo ha hecho en otros artículos. Gracias

2 years ago

I Love your truly scientific view since 1980 and I am still enjoying your fascinating journey ! Thank you 🙏 you!

christine Maudy
2 years ago

You nailed it Dr Bruce Lipton. The development of science in order to serve humanity and all of life has brought many gifts. What is happening today with technology is very different. Men playing the apprentice sorcerers to serve their agenda…without any respect for human lives and for the planet…

flynn washington
2 years ago

Science is not the problem – it is what we do with science that is the problem! The real problem is our real and deep motivation for doing what we do. And for that, most of us need to access the conditioning in our earliest pre-verbal years. Why? Because that is when our foundation was laid in terms of being in touch with our own bodies. If our body’s needs were responded to, we stay in touch with our bodies and learn to trust our own knowing. However, our culture isn’t great at doing that – having children cry themselves to sleep, eat when it is time to eat, child care way to early, etc. Indigenous people, like those described in Jean Liedloff’s book ‘The Continuum Concept’ knew how to listen to infants, and let the INFANTS INITIATE when they wanted what they wanted and the adults knew how to listen and respond to their wanting.
It is a real statement of our culture that we pay professors high salaries, while child care workers salaries are at the bottom of the list. And isn’t it interesting that we could learn so much from ‘uneducated’ people who some consider to be barbarians!

Susan Roth
2 years ago

You nailed it Dr. Lipton! I am a scientist as well, about your age, and still get goosebumps thinking about the first time I saw the antenna of an insect in the scanning microscope (SEM).

Carla Harren
2 years ago

Agree Science is the wonder of living exploration. Not the money making business of technology synthetics that disturbs and unbalances the living nature.

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