An Angel’s Message of Love

BY Belle Badell
The Beginning of The End

Mambo, my cream-colored 7-pound Chihuahua fur baby, almost always slept on the sofa in the living room. He was thirteen and a half years old when one night, while we were all sleeping, he let out a loud piercing cry which woke me up. I was alarmed with the intensity of his message. This sound was so different from any other he used to communicate. I immediately got up and went to check on him. I could not find anything wrong as I inspected his little body. I took him outside to potty. He seemed OK. I decided to move to the sofa and sleep there – my other fur baby Chimichanga, also a creamed-colored, 13 1⁄2 year old, and slightly smaller 5-pound Chihuahua, always joined in when I slept on the sofa.

The next few days, Mambo seemed to be doing fine. I had recently retired and grateful I was able to be home all the time now. I watched him closely. Then, it happened again… This time I was on the sofa sleeping with both doggies when he let out a few high-pitched yelps as he attempted to jump out of the sofa. I was able to get a hold of him before he jumped but not before he turned around to bite me. I knew this was bad. I felt in my heart that this was the beginning of the end.

I took Mambo to the vet. After blood work and x-rays, the doctor determined that the pain could be coming from his left hip. He also had an upset stomach, so he was sent home with some meds for the tummy, an anti-inflammatory, and a pain killer for his nerve pain. He responded well to the medications. However, deep inside I kept thinking if this was the way to go, or it was time to let him be free. The doctor suggested to slowly wean him off the meds and see how he responded. I did, but the horrible pain came back. At this point, I knew what I needed to do…

I made an appointment so Mambo could transition. I was heartbroken but knew that this was the right thing to do. I took Chimichanga along as I felt she needed to know why Mambo was not coming back with us.

As we sat in the special room waiting, I was holding each doggie in each arm. Mambo started to cry. This was a sad whine. Chimichanga started to shake. At this point, I am bawling, as the vet assistant came in. I handed off Mambo so he could get his IV line. The doctor came back with Mambo and shared that, “he was not telling her what was wrong”, meaning, she checked him and there was no obvious sign of anything being wrong and no indication of pain. So, she put him on the floor, and we observed him. Mambo walked and sniffed around without a care in the world. I was baffled and realized that this was not the day of his transition. The doctor suggested to add another medication, and I agreed to it.

So many feelings came up for me… On the one hand, I did not want him suffering or on heavy meds. I was aware of not holding on to him for my own selfish reasons. On the other, Mambo gave me a clear signal that it was not time. I felt guilty and confused. I knew he was suffering… I continued to follow the meds schedule while observing him closely. He did not yelp anymore but was no longer his happy puppy self.

A few weeks went by when I came across someone who was able to help me communicate with Mambo, Miranda Alcott, an animal communications counselor. I scheduled an appointment right away, as I felt this was the path to follow to learn what Mambo needed.

Thu 5/6/2021 6:37 PM – After Our Appointment

Dear Miranda,

I am still in awe as I think about my experience with your gift of communicating with my Mambo. I have a deeper understanding about his challenges, the story behind his health issues and what happened to him before I rescued him. As my heart aches for him knowing how much he is suffering, I am amazed that he still wants to be among us. I wonder what his motivation is for not giving up, when he has all the reasons for wanting to transition and be finally pain free. What a brave soul!

I would have never known all this information if it wasn’t for you. Furthermore, I am beyond humbled as he expressed what he thinks of me and the life I have provided for him. I have always sensed Mambo is a beautiful, gentle soul; yesterday I learned what a wise and evolved spirit he is through your communication with him. What I did not expect was the lesson he taught me about who I am. This little dog has changed my life for the better and continues to do so every day.

I am so grateful to you for connecting our hearts. Forever, thank you ❤️❤️


Sun 5/16/2021 4:03 PM

Dear Miranda, Mambo is now playing with angels 💖

As I pondered about the reason why he was holding on and not telling me he was ready to go, I knew he was. My life journey to this point has taken me to learn to trust myself. I wholeheartedly believe Mambo’s last lesson for me while still in physical form was to give me the opportunity to trust my decision about his transition. It would have been easier if he told me, but there is no lesson in that (never easy, but you know what I mean). I knew in my heart he was ready; however, my hesitation came after I took him to the vet the first time at the beginning of March and he clearly let me know he was not ready.

We HAD to meet you and connect through our hearts. He had a strong and loving message for me… It has changed and empowered me by cracking my heart open to who I really am. I had no idea how much he knew about me and my struggles even though our connection has always been strong. How grateful I am for having the opportunity to find out what he had to tell me.

I was searching for a “sign” when I came across Suzanne Giesemann’s May monthly mentoring session last week. I have been learning a lot from her videos/teachings for a few months now. I decided to sign up for the session after reading that the topic of pets would be discussed. Ah, the synchronicity!

I had the opportunity to ask a question, not knowing if it would be chosen in the live meeting since so many questions are asked. My question was selected, “How do we know when our beloved pets are ready to transition?”. I knew the answer deep inside me; the response I received from her guides was “ask to know in your heart when they are ready, and you will have no doubt”. However, I was still a bit confused because Mambo had indicated that he was not ready “now” (the day we spoke). And then it hit me… the keyword was “now”. Mambo also emphasized the word “now” as he mentioned that I needed to “allow myself to reside in who I am now, NOW”.

I reflected on it when I realized that Mambo was giving me the opportunity to decide for him and trust myself. He was trusting me and patiently waiting for me to make the decision – while in so much pain 😢

I have never known love the way I do now. I have never had any soul show me love the way my Mambito has… What a privilege to be the recipient of such immense and unconditional love. This is by far my most incredible love story.

Thank you so very much for your role in this process. What Mambo shared through you will always stay with me. I am deeply touched by his message and forever transformed…

I am now focusing on Chimichanga, who may have felt a bit left out as I was focusing a lot of my attention on Mambo’s pain and suffering these past 2 1⁄2 months. She seems calmer after Mambo’s transition. I will make an appointment in the near future so you can connect our hearts. I look forward to it.

With deepest gratitude 🙏


My Promise

June 2021
My Dear Mambo,

Your transition has left a physical absence but a spiritual fullness. I am sad for me because I miss your intended eye contact, gentle company, and sweet kisses. I am in the process of understanding how I am to utilize the gifts you have given me.

I know you do not want me to be sad. I am happy to know that you are no longer in pain, able to run like the wind, leap over rainbows, and dash freely while changing directions in a blink of an eye.. I understand that you wanted to do so in your physical form, but your achy body limited your desires.

I am grateful for learning about your past before I rescued you; I am also grateful that I was able to find out through you that I saved you and gave you a good life; my heart aches knowing that you were in physical pain your entire life, and I did not know it. What an incredible capacity to love through your pain while feeling that “being with me was like being in heaven”! – as you told Miranda. Heaven is not supposed to hurt, but you went beyond your physical limitations to fulfill your mission while we were together on this earth.

I am in awe and feel so privileged to be the recipient of such pure love. I promise you that I will continue to work on believing in myself, recognize my worth as you expressed it, and figure out my new purpose. You had a strong and loving message for me; you suffered great pain as you trusted I would make the right decision for you… You trusted me more than I trusted myself. Your expression of love is by far the most transformational experience I have had in my entire life. I suspect that my dear Max had some do with this as well.

I feel loved as I go through my grief. I feel a great responsibility to live on, love on, and make sure that your great sacrifice and expression of love are the beginning of greater good delivered through me. I do not know what that looks like yet, but I commit to working daily on finding out.

I will not let you down, my dear Mambito…

BY Belle Badell



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kamir bouchareb st
2 years ago


2 years ago

wow. profoundly deep, powerful & touching! I am struggling w. these very issues myself. I do NOT want to be prolonging my sweet Maya’s suffering for my own, ignorant, selfish reasons. How I wish there was a trusted animal communicator in this small city that I could have my sweet 16+yr. old Lab x & I visit. THANK YOU for this beautiful site! It is a start in the right direction.

kamir bouchareb st
2 years ago


kamir bouchareb st
2 years ago


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