A Way of Feeling a Community through the Heart

Coming Together when We're Apart

In this current crisis of massive changes in everyday life, there is a call among many to come together as a community. With the current restrictions on the size of groups and social distancing, this is not physically possible. The Energy that people look for in a community connection is the personal feeling of love and compassion and care from others.

This energy comes from the heart within each person and not from the head. In the 13 chakra system, there are 2 heart chakras. The higher heart is near the collarbone and the lower heart is just above the ribs. I call the lower one the Deep Heart as it contains all knowing and wisdom to guide each person’s life. Sometimes the knowing is called intuition, and wisdom tells the person what to do about it, including doing nothing. 

The Deep Heart is our Spirit or Soul and our Being, who has chosen to come into a human body and be here at this time of change. In the current crises with the Covid-19, we have seen how the human part can go into fear and panic. In the Deep Heart or Being, there are Spiritual feelings such as peace and calm, and no emotional feelings, especially fear.

The higher heart chakra energy serves the human part of ourselves selves and this has been programmed by our society.  In particular, this energy shows love through physical care of each other. The higher heart is affected by emotional feelings. They give us helpful information but are not our inner guides. An example of this is fear or anxiety. They tell us that there are unknowns in our life, as there are in many situations. But when people give them the power of guiding their lives, their behaviour goes into panic, anger, and chaos. 

Our Deep Heart identity is inside and sometimes, in here, people feel out of sync with the outside world and how it operates. In our Deep Heart, there is no judgement of self or others, and an acceptance of what is. Also there is a value of who we are and what we are experiencing, and takes the learning from this to expand our wisdom. 

When we open our Deep Heart to allow the Energy of Love and Compassion to flow out, it offers a community connection to everyone. This can be felt by others who have some openness in their Deep Heart. However, the rule of the Source of all that is, or the Universe, or God is that everyone has free will to fully or partially accept it and also fully reject this offer.

I believe that if we hold the Love and Compassion in our Deep Hearts for all human beings, then we build a community of this Energy around the earth. Then whenever anyone chooses to connect to their Deep Heart, they can immediately feel loved. If they respond by feeling gratitude and loving in return, they also add to the pool. Many people do this naturally without being consciously aware that they are doing it. A smile transmits this Loving Energy.

Most meditation practices are to guide people to connect with their Deep Heart. When anyone feels inner peace and calm, they are there. Holding this Energy will also assist a general peace and calmness in the world.

Without leaving the place where we are living, we can make a community connection with others by taking our awareness down inside to our Deep Heart. It is a Heart connected community.

BY Clive Duffy



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4 years ago

Very relevant in these strange times. I find Clive‘s words very grounding and strengthening. Many thanks.

4 years ago

Clive’s words made a lot of sense to me. By the end of my second reading I felt more grounded and hopeful about achieving a more Deep Heart centred way of life – especially helpful during this Coronavirus time.

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Take 5 Deep Breaths

1. Feel your body.

2. Relax your shoulders.

3. Choose a word that makes you feel peaceful, such as om, peace, or love.

4. Inhale slowly while mentally saying the word you chose. Pause before starting the exhalation.

5. Exhale slowly while mentally saying 1 with the first breath. Exhale saying 2 with the second breath, up to 5 or more.

Feel Your Body

Relax your body, and just be aware of how your body feels. Without changing anything, notice what you are feeling, and where you are feeling things in your body.  If your body wants to adjust a little, let it. Be curious how it feels as your body relaxes. (Resist any temptation to analyze or think.)

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