Shye Ben Tzur – We Shall Overcome

During the weeks of lockdown, while spending time at home, I often found myself humming the song “We Shall Overcome”. I always associated this song with the elevating force of people singing together. Suddenly, in this reality of seclusion, we found ourselves making efforts to reach out, striving to experience each other from a distance.

As people lost their lives and health, their livelihood and future, the lines: “We’ll walk hand in hand.” And, “We are not afraid…” resonated with renewed meaning. I sang to myself, repeating those comforting words to my wife and daughter, clinging to the sentiment that, “Deep in my heart, I do believe that we shall overcome someday!”

On a recent afternoon, while the streets around were empty and the quarantine enforced its silence, I sat in our living room to record. This rendition is an intimate contemplation on our present times.

Learn more about Shye Ben Tzur here.

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