La Medicina is a song that came to me while I was on the island of Obojan in Croatia, sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean as the sun was setting and the red moon was rising, in the middle of the beautiful elements. The message was simple and clear, an epiphany that the elements of nature are all we need to keep in balance and harmony and the importance to keep connected to the sacred rhythm of the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

El Agua (water) es La Medicina
El Aire (air) es La Medicina
El Fuego (fire) es La Medicina
El Tierra (earth) es La Medicina
Jai Jai Ma – Divine Mother Earth.

This creative project came to life when I was on a virgin beach in Costa Rica with photographer-filmmaker Amy Hart. When she spontaneously started filming, we both knew that we had to make a music video together. We are happy to share it with all of you on this Earth Day! Now, more than ever, we need the gift of this song to unite us all in chanting our gratitude for our Mother Earth, Pachamama. Thank you so much for receiving it and sharing it with your community.

Namaste, Regina Rhythm.


Song written and performed by Regina Rhythm
Additional tracks by Gabriel Harris and Ben Leinbach
Recording engineering and mixing by Ben Leinbach
Music video directed and produced by Amy Hart Studios.

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