You Or I

The Moments that Change Us

I heard a soft, almost apologetic voice

“Have you got any spare change, please

So I can get a drink?”

In discomfort, I at first tried to look away

But my eyes did not let me

I reached for my purse

Hope in his thin face

“What sort of day are you having?”

He asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, smiled. 

A bit better, now, I thought. His name was Terry.

Thin, with too- thin clothes.

He said he’d remember my name because it was unusual.

I thought, and I’ll remember yours. 

A few missing teeth, but handsome;

Somebody’s son.

A sequence of events, which could happen to any of us

And here he was

On the street… but hopeful, because the council were trying to find him a place to live

An ordinary, extraordinary conversation; We said “bye”. I went to my car

A different person.

BY Moira Cocker
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Moira Cocker
4 years ago

Thank you so much for your kind response, Julie. With love.

Julie Towndrow
4 years ago

This is beautifully real Moira, as I read, tears rolled down my face. What a beautiful gift you exchanged in your extraordinary ordinary conversation.
Honoring another human being, their name, as someone’s son, restoring dignity and nourishing both hearts.

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