Words for the Soul

Words for the Soul
Words to Live By

It’s the heart that knows the path. The mind is just there to organize the steps.

It’s not about someone stealing our heart. It’s about restoring its aliveness. It’s about softening its armor. It’s about filling it up with light. When real love enters, it doesn’t take anything from us. It gifts us with the everything.

There are two forms of courage in this world. One demands that we jump into action with our armor on. The other demands that we strip ourselves bare-naked and surrender. Bravery is a curious thing.

So many break down because they cannot carry the weight of falsity any longer. They are breaking through to a more authentic consciousness. Sadly, this is often stigmatized as a ‘breakdown,’ as though they are machines that stopped working. We need to up-frame these experiences and see them for what they are: break-throughs for inner freedom. At some point, we just can’t carry the bullshit anymore and long to be real.

Success is finding a way to grow in the heart of a hopeless landscape. To that I bow.

Love needs an entry point. If our emotional body is all blocked up with unresolved material, there’s no way in. The more we empty the vessel before it comes, the more space there is for love to flourish. Healing our hearts gives love a place to land.

Anger is a riverAnger is a river. It wants to be released into the vaster ocean. It wants to move naturally. Image: Ishtiaque G2

Anger is a river. It wants to be released into the vaster ocean. It wants to move naturally. When we repress it with premature forgiveness, block it with false positivity, suppress it in the name of pseudo-peace, we dam(n) our natural flow. The river then turns inward, against the self; or explodes outwardly, against innocents. Better we express it when it arises—not in a way that is destructive to humanity—but in a way that is authentic and that restores the integrity of our being. Anger isn’t the enemy. Misplaced anger is. Let the river flow…

The measure of a healthy society is not how effectively it elevates its achievers, but how compassionately it supports those who have fallen.

Those who feel like the darkness is overwhelming: Keep the faith. You are surely not alone. We are all stumbling for the light switch. We must share any light we find.

Love long and prosper.


This article consists of excerpts from Jeff Brown’s books, Spiritual Graffiti and Love it Forward, republished here with permission.

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3 years ago

Let love be your compassion. . . .

Wilson Sammy
4 years ago

I feel the first reason why a relationship fails is because of the absence of trust. If trust is not in a relationship it will fall.
It is okay to have suspicions. It is okay to have speculations. It is okay to have doubts. But it is also okay to confirm your speculations. I was initially in the place as I speak of but I was able to put my speculations to rest by contacting a freelance engineer (alphablakkhat at gm ail com) to do minor spy job. When results came back from the test he did I was ashamed that I didn’t trust this man in the first place.
So it is okay to do all of this but the utmost importance is gaining back that trust. So be sure to make sure you trust each other as that is the bedrock

Eugene Tinelli
4 years ago

The Wound
Gene Tinelli

Sometimes, we do best when we learn from the millions of years of adaptation of our bodies. When we have physical wounds, we have an open port to the world that can be contaminated and is often painful. Our initial response is to cover or bandage it, thus protecting the wound from further harm. If someone or something attempts to touch the wound, we push or pull away and withdraw. Over time our wounds weep and leak and represent a chronic source of potential infection. We become sensitive to anything near the wound and avoid even the remote chance that it will be identified and further traumatized. Sometimes the wound becomes a source of chronic awareness from which we cannot escape. Sometimes the bandage becomes so much a part of us that we think it is normal, our identity.

We start to heal when we gently remove the bandage and clean the foreign bodies from the area. Removing old crusty bandages too quickly can further damage the area. Often, the bandages are first soaked in a warm, neutral liquid so that they can be removed relatively gently. Cleaning a wound can involve some discomfort but our bodies tend to attenuate some of the pain. Our wound then slowly heals.

Healing is natural process of a healthy body and encompasses two general principles. Time heals clean wounds and wounds heal from the inside out. These processes are the same whether our injuries are physical wounds to our skin or wounds to our souls.

Soul wounds are acquired in simply passing through life’s journey. They can also be acquired via the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. The traumas range from child abuse and neglect though loss of loved ones to war, which encompasses all known human traumas. Soul wounds are very similar to wounds on the surface of our body. They weep and allow our essence to seep away, giving us the sense emptiness and never being whole. To avoid feeling the pain of emptiness, we apply soul bandages to the wound. These bandages can take many forms. We can attack others or ourselves, thus protecting the wound by temporarily displacing the pain. We can withdraw from human contact, protecting our souls from human touch and intimacy. Or we can avoid the pain and emptiness by substituting psychoactive substances and/or behaviors that dull the pain or numb the emptiness. Drugs, sex, gambling are only part of the cornucopia of potential human avoidant responses.

In intimate human interactions, it is the sticky skin covering our souls that touches, adheres, and transfers our affects and emotions to others. Open wounds prevent this bonding, as touch in these cases can be painful, and we withdraw from human contact. But our souls, like our skin, heal via the same processes as the rest of our bodies. Our tears wash our soul wounds clean and time heals clean wounds. Soaking the old crusty soul bandages requires love and compassion. Cleaning the wound requires courage. Soul wounds, like skin wounds, heal from the inside out, which is why this whole process is ultimately spiritual.

Like our skin, our soul wounds heal to scars, tissue that holds normal skin together. We’re different, marked for life. Yet, our souls stop leaking and can fill with basic human joy. They grow and can bond with other souls. When we bond and feel the scar on another soul, we know their healed soul is a testament to basic human courage and resilience.

Healing is the source of our strength.

5 years ago


5 years ago

Last one is touchy.

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