Why Purpose is a Pillar of Health

Why Purpose is a Pillar of Health
An important key to wellbeing

We hear so much about life purpose, calling, and living a meaningfully. The great teachers and philosophers tell us to ‘follow your bliss,’ or ‘follow your heartbreak,’ along with ‘do what makes you come alive.’ More than ever, today living a life of meaning has become important imperative for health.

Studies show that it’s vital for us to feel a part of something that’s bigger than ourselves, and in fact, the two most harmful things for our health are social isolation and targeted rejection.

Wellness practitioner, Dr Oscar Serrallach, says having purpose and meaning in your life is one of the four pillars of health. Having a purpose in life is as important to health as exercise or a healthy diet. Like a musician in an orchestra, we need to play our part and express our gifts if we are to experience wellbeing.

Here Dr Serrallach explains why.

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4 years ago

very True living a life of meaningfulness and giving something back is worth all the treasures in the world because moments and memories last for eternity its a gift from above which is when refined is purer that Gold or silver is hand made deeper rooted

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