What is a Sacred Place?

What is a Sacred Place?
Activist, author and former monk, Satish Kumar, explores why some places are considered more sacred than others.

There are sacred places across the earth, from the Amazon jungle to the temples of India, the stone circles of England and the mountains of Peru. We visit sacred places to commune with the universe and to gain spiritual wisdom, but is earth itself holy and everything on it blessed? Or are only some special places sacred?

Satish Kumar, former monk, peace and environmental activist, editor and author, helps us understand both the universal and more intimate personal sacredness. He says we have a longing for divinity and that this is expressed through belonging and being part of community.  When we feel we belong it helps us to approach the ultimate sacredness of a higher power. We symbolise the sacredness of all life on a physical level by recognising special places, and this helps us come closer to the infinite.

In this beautiful video he brings a compelling Hindu, Buddhist and Jain perspective to the definition of ‘sacred place.’

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