Turn On Your Energy
Mastering Your Energy

It is time to acknowledge the massive flow of electrical energy in and around you. Every day, you are being impacted by interacting with this energy because your body is made up of electrical fields of energy. New scientific instruments, studies, and research shows every moment of your life, you are either conducting or restricting this flow of electrical energy in and through your total being.

The electrical signals from your thoughts, diet, exercise, relationships, and the ways you connect with the earth, either constricts the flow of electrical energy in and through you, or expands it.

Understanding how your personal electrical energy flows is very important. You may have been led to believe that everything is separate and not interconnected. But did you know, what happens in one place has an effect on what happens somewhere else? Your inner experiences of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs affect the world, beyond your physical body.

When you view the world in its material form, you deprive yourself the essential reality–that everything you see, feel, hear, and touch is translated into electrical signals which play a major role in your health and in healing. Your ability to heal and thrive is based on the electrical signals that enable every cell in your body to think and communicate with every other cell through receptor sites. These receptor sites, on the outside of your cells, are many times more sensitive to electrical signals than they are to chemistry. When a person has an awareness and sensitivity to the electrical nature of their being, they are able to demonstrate an ability to feel at ease and feel connected with others.

More to the Story

Your body is much more than dense bones and tissue. It is electrifying with the flow of electrical energy that you are receiving, processing and transmitting at all times. Comprehending how much the flow of your electrical energy is sensitive and responsive to your thoughts, feelings, emotions, diet, exercise, and relationships will change how you think about your health and well-being. Everyone’s health is based on the unimpeded flow of energy in the body. Illness, on the other hand, is due to blockages or imbalances in this flow of energy.

Now is the time to acknowledge your personal energy because science can now measure the flow of energy. Everything around you–your attitudes, your actions, your diet, and the electrical systems throughout your home impact the flow of electrical energy, in and throughout your body.

Electrical impulses are fast enough to carry the messages that enable you to effectively think, move, and use your senses. Depending on the flow of that energy, you either feel more at ease or less at ease. Know that you have the power to control this flow of electrical energy. Thinking and acting from this understanding will enable you to open up your world to create new possibilities, strategies, and tools to not only live but thrive.

Power of Your Hands

In your hands, you hold an innate healing power; it has been used for centuries. The sensitivity of the receptor sites on the outside of our cells is why the electrical frequencies from your hands are so powerful. To tap into this flow of energy from touch, all you have to do is hold each of your fingers, one at a time. This will increase the flow of electrical energy supporting your organs. The energy that supports each specific organ flows through a corresponding finger. You can also experiment with holding a finger that corresponds to an emotion (which will facilitate not eliminate your dealing with that emotion). You may feel something different within a short period of time, or it may take longer; each person is different.

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