Transcending the Myth of Separation

Transcending the Myth of Separation
A New Story of Self is Being Created

Are we separate beings? If you believe you’re a separate self, separate from others and the rest of the natural world, then the universe is fundamentally indifferent to you and even hostile. You would then definitely want to control other beings and the whimsical forces of nature, says Charles Eisenstein, speaker, activist, and author of six books, including Sacred Economics, which has been translated into nine languages.

He believes it is important to talk about the story of ‘self.’ Eisenstein says that this separation story is becoming obsolete. We don’t resonate with it any more and it is generating crisis insoluble from the method of control and is clearing the space for us to step into a new story of self. This separation story is highlighted in economics and money where change is afoot.

This thought-provoking video illustrates that now is a time of transition between the stories of Separation and Interbeing.

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