Traces of You

Forgive Me, My Love

I found your ashes the other day
They are not you
Nor are they the love I bear for you
Or the hole in my heart that will never be whole

I held you in my arms too briefly
I gave you up, gave up on you, too easily
I wish I had fought for you harder
To give you a chance, to hold you, to welcome you into my life
Or maybe this was a kindness, a mercy

Time heals all wounds, they say
There is truth in that,
But time does not erase all traces of you
For as I breathe, I carry you with me
And forever will wonder,
Did it have to be this way?

I have found peace in my heart, but not in my soul
These ashes I now hold to remind me,
They are not you
They are a memory of you
I hope your spirit is free and at peace
And I hope you forgive me, my love

BY Fiona Jazayeri
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