This Clever Comic Reminds Us We Are All the Same

This Clever Comic Reminds Us We Are All the Same
An Artistic Representation of the Dalai Lama’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech

A Note from the Artist

Normally when creating a comic, I start with a quote and work out a story from there. On the rare occasion, I’ve got the whole story figured out and then find a quote that suits it. This comic is one of those, where the story came to me while I was on holiday in Myanmar. The scenery and attractions I came across (along with all the Buddhist monks that walk the streets) sparked an idea for a story featuring my lil’ Shaolin Monk character. I plotted and storyboarded the whole comic before searching for a suitable Dalai Lama quote to match what I had drawn. The quote was perfect, as it not only matched the story, it was exactly what I was experiencing while traveling and meeting so many new people–we really are all the same under the surface.

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