The Spirit of Hope

BY Suzan Baltozer
Surrendering to Love

My very kind boss at work told me that a lot of my coworkers were worried about me. They noticed over time that my memory was slipping and they were concerned. I asked the same questions over and over and over. So he took me to a doctor two cities away that checked me out and agreed that my short term memory was shot. Many years before I had worked making frames out of all kinds of metals and the dust masks I was given to use did not completely help to keep me from breathing the particles of the heavy metals.

As I sat in the office with a very kind female doctor, she said that yes I had short term memory loss. I was scared because my mother had Alzheimers and I watched and took care of her as she slowly declined, forget, severely declined and died. It was devastating. I was a wreck.

At work, the day after the tests, everyone was very sweet to me. One lady adamantly reminded me that belief in Spirit/Christ/Buddah could turn things around if I could only surrender to what was happening and BELIEVE that things could change.

What a gift her sweet, yet powerful words had on me. I no longer want to use my heart and mind to accept that I can do nothing. I am going to allow spirit to transform the situation (if it is for my highest good) and surrender to love and healing.

BY Suzan Baltozer
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kamir bouchareb st
1 year ago


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